Thursday, 20 January 2011

Being Inspired...

Being Inspired…
Once you’ve had a few of these preliminary planning conversations, I’m sure you’ll start to have a slightly clearer image in your head about your wedding day so now’s the time to start hunting around for some inspiration which will help you refine these ideas even further. There are plenty ways to help you kick start your creativity and note what styles, colours and ideas you always seem to be drawn to as you go. Buy a few wedding magazines and read through them, rip out and images that you like and even those that you don’t because both are just as helpful. Even if you’re not totally sure on what you’d like, if you’re certain what you don’t, it’s just as good a place to start! Spend some time browsing on the internet at some of the big wedding websites – are there any ideas on them that appeal to you? If so, note them down or print off the relevant page. Perhaps visit a wedding fair or two and see what suppliers you relate to – do you feel more comfortable with solid and incredibly experienced suppliers or are you happier with younger, more creative companies? Collect a few business cards and leaflets from people you like because it will save you time in the future. Speak to any friends that are recently married or take a look on some internet wedding chat forums – what do the newlyweds count as money well spent or money wasted? What did their guests really appreciate and what wasn’t noticed?

With all this research, being to put together a file of your ideas which will start to show quite clearly what you like and what you don’t! This file is great to take to meeting with potential suppliers and it’s also very handy to use when you’re starting to research people such as florists and photographers – does their style match with the style of your ideas? A great wedding is one where you’re on the same wavelength as your suppliers. This allows you to relax because you’re confident that you’re going to get what you want and it allows your suppliers to work in the style that suits them best which is when you’re guaranteed to get the best results.

Keep in mind that your ideas file is just that – ideas. It’s not a definitive shopping list of everything you have to have or can only have. It is a starting point, not the finishing article. But it’s always helpful to have images of the following in your ideas file:-
Bride’s dress
Bridesmaid dress
Men’s suits
Shoes and accessories
Table centres
Other decorations
Little details such as favours, place cards, table plans, stationery

And it’s also a sensible idea to keep any ‘real life wedding’ photos from magazines too if you particularly like the way a certain moment has been captured so think about gathering together some examples. This is also helpful when you’re looking for a photographer because you’ll be able to see if black and white photos are more appealing to you than colour and if you prefer posed or spontaneous photography. There is such a wide choice available to you for totally everything that is wedding related that having a starting point when you’re searching will really save you time. You’ve got a clearer understanding of what you want and what you like and that’s incredibly helpful.

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