Courses & Training

More and more people are looking at wedding planning and the wedding industry as a potential career and whether you’re looking to indulge a passion or take over the world, you’ve got to start somewhere. But where to start?

Yes, there are lots of ‘courses’ out there but the workshops, mentoring sessions and one-on-one programmes run by Tamryn Kirby & Julie Tooby are unique. Nowhere else will you be informed, inspired and generally loved and looked after by two multi-award winning wedding planners who between them have more than 17 years experience in the industry.

There are a range of options if you’re considering getting started, making improvements, learning more or if you’re wanting truly expert support…

Love Weddings, Live Weddings Workshop
A one day group session, this is the perfect starting point – we will cover all the essentials including consultations, proposals, pricing, branding, marketing, services, the industry & current market, trends and much much more. It’s a very interactive day – Tamryn & Julie don’t just read from a script and there’s lots of time for questions and discussions so all the things you’ll get the answers to your personal queries.
The next workshop will take place on Sunday 8th May in Reading town centre. The day starts at 9.30am and finishes around 4.30pm. The price of the day is £185 and includes teas, coffees, lunch and take home information packs.
Places are limited so if you want to sign up now, or ask more questions, e-mail Tamryn & Julie

Tamryn & Julie love mentoring – in a way, it’s a bit like planning a wedding. Working together over a long period of time, building a relationship, coaching, supporting, providing options and information but essentially all the main decisions are down to the client (that’ll be you!). Being mentored still means you’ve got work to do but you’ve got someone on your side, someone to turn to when you’ve got a question and someone setting you goals and helping you take those first baby steps. We’re there to hold your hand until you’re ready to walk and run on your own!
If you’re interested in being mentored by Tamryn or Julie, please e-mail in the first instance and we can have a chat. Charges for mentoring vary depending on how much support you’d like and for how long but firstly, you need to send that e-mail... (see, it’s all about you doing things!)

This is a great option if you’d like a little more TLC and a personally designed ‘day’ with Tamryn or Julie. Tell us what you want to learn and we’ll put together a personalised training course just for you. If you’ve got your brand sorted but aren’t sure about how to conduct a consultation and write a proposal, we can spend a whole day looking at that. Or, if you want a session looking solely at all those business start-up essentials, we can do that too. We can book a convenient venue or we can come to you, whatever works best because this is a day that’s all about you.
If you’re interested in a one-on-one day, e-mail Tell us what subjects you’d like to cover and when and we’ll then give you a personalised quote and more information .

Here are a few comments from some lovely people who’ve attended training days with Tamryn & Julie…
"Just wanted to follow yesterday’s wonderful workshop with a huge thank you. I feel completely inspired after meeting two such wonderful people and I hope to see you both again soon.”
"The day has filled me with lots of confidence and boosted my self- esteem, the whole day was brilliant and all very useful."
"Everything was interesting and full of useful information."
"Worth paying for and I could sit and listen about it every day!"
"You were brilliant. You've given me so many ideas I may burst! Thank you Julie & Tamryn."
"Lovely to meet you, you are both so inspiring, so wonderful to see the passion that you have for this industry.

Image of Tamryn & Julie courtesy of Breathe Pictures