Monday, 18 July 2011

I Love... Clipboards

Now even the title of today's post probably panders to a lot of stereotypes about wedding planners - that we all strut around clutching our clipboards and barking orders all day. Neither of those things are true (I promise you!) but that doesn't stop me thinking that clipboards are great for weddings - especially when they're cute props and delightful details bringing a little bit of personality to your day.

Of course I'm not talking about big, boring clipboards that give you flashbacks to the most awful school field trips of your teenage years. No, I'm talking about sweet, stylish and small mini clipboards that all about the pretty and here are some ideas for you...

Above - love these typewriter style menus clipped onto this board. The backing board itself might be very plain but it works so well with the blue name tag place marker against the bare table. Fabulous. Image - Brookelyn Photography 

Above - proof that the clipboard can work with the pretty girlie flowers. Beautifully patterned background and the kraft paper table plan looks brilliant. Those clear stands are an excellent idea too - nothing to distract from the board and the information on it. Image - Kate Headley

Above - another gorgeous board, this time showing what's available at this buffet station (great idea - saves ever guest asking questions!). Am rather loving kraft paper at the moment - it looks so great with plain bold typefaces too. Image - Kate Headley

Above - another pretty table that's included a clipboard menu. The board is white and the paper is a slight off-white (which definitely stops your guests thinking you've just printed off all the menus at work!) and you can download typewriter style fonts to get the look you want. Oh, an as an aside - if you can see the menu, how yum do 'lasagna cupcakes' sound? Have visions of beautiful little rounds of lasagna in pretty wrappers! Image - Mark Brooke Photography

Above - love the gorgeous stripy clipboard with the menu attached and that place card is a great DIY detail. A square of card has the guest's name written on it and two other squares are off-set behind it to just edge the place card with a splash of colour. This would work well with almost any combination of colours and patterns. Image - Sarah Postma


  1. Where are you Tamryn? I miss your daily updates!!

  2. I like these lovely clipboards. They are so beautiful.

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