Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Few Of My Favourite Things...

Today is a little look at my list of 'favourite things' which grows and changes all the time. If I had a pound for every time I'm asked 'if you got married, what would you do?', I would be rich but I never have a really definite answer. There are just so many ideas and details that I love, I don't know exactly what I'd choose to do and hey, it wouldn't be all my choice anyway!

So, today's post is a little look at my gigantic list of 'things I love', just the smallest snippet for a sunny Saturday, and as you can see, they're a mixed bunch but then, isn't it the mixing of different personalities that's the reason for weddings anyway?

Above - everyone is slightly crazy about macarons at the moment but how about being a little unexpected and serving up bitesize savoury macarons? These little beauties would be perfect alongside cocktails or post-ceremony drinks. Powdered beetroot is responsible for the gorgeous pink colour of these macs and then a filling of cream cheese, dill and smoked salmon finish them perfectly. Image - Life's A Feast

Above - I might have waxed lyrical before about my love of 'proper' letters before (actually, I know I have because I've devoted a whole post to handwritten love letters) and I just love these sheets that you fold up to become an envelope. I love them so much I am off today to buy some thick paper and pretty inks so that I write some letters because there's something so so special about receiving a letter. Obviously, these are letter style wedding invitations and you could use mini versions for seating cards too.  Image - Martha Stewart

Above - Index cards remind me of a few things - exam revision and important presentations! But that said, I still love these quirky, bright and simple save the date cards. Printed strips are just stuck haphazardly onto the card and there you have it. Simple, eye-catching, inexpensive and fun - wonderful wedding  DIY. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - I am totally loving picnics right now. Lunchtime picnics in the park with sandwiches and a book if I'm on my own or laughter filled conversations if I'm not. I love picnic style drinks receptions - blankets under trees, little hampers full of nibbles and canapes, drinks tables and some easy activities keep things social, simple and informal. Perfect. Image - Calli B Photography

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