Tuesday, 12 July 2011

In The Mood - Peach Inspiration

To me, there's something very summery about peaches. I just love them but only at this time of year - call me totally weird (and I'm sure some of you do!) but I just can't eat them in the winter. You have to eat peaches on a warm day - either biting them like uber juicy apples or, in yummy salads with mozzarella, parma ham and rocket. Yum yum yum...

OK, get me back from thoughts of food and onto weddings again and inevitably, today's feature is all inspired by peaches with their soft shades of beautiful colours and their oh-so tactile skins. Peaches are a beautifully delicate source of inspiration for weddings and I hope that these images give you some new ideas (or at least cravings for peaches for your lunch!)

Above - gorgeous peach coloured bridesmaids here and I love that bridal gown and prettily coloured shoes too. Perfect and those gowns give everyone's skin a beautifully funkadelic tone. Image - April Smith Photography

Above - a peach inspired dessert table. I love the bunting hung behind - the random shapes stop it from looking too perfectly cutsie and you could use either papers for fabrics to achieve this effect. Image - Avery House

Above - regular readers will know my love of using fruit in decorations and I love the peaches piled around the bottoms of these centrepieces. Such a simple idea that just brings colour to table tops and pulls the whole theme together perfectly. Image - Justin & Mary Marantz

Above - peach champagne and peach sorbet, what a gorgeously pitch perfect part of your meal. I do love sorbets and peach sorbet is just so refreshing. Bringing your theme into your menu is a really fab idea. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - more gorgeous centrepiece ideas and these 'just picked' pails of pretty peaches are wonderful. Don't fill the whole bucket with peaches though because those at the bottom will just get crushed anyway. Fill to the  brim with floral oasis and then pile up your peaches. If you want to hold them in place, poke wire into the peach and then through into the oasis and everything will stay just as you want. Images - Martha Stewart

Above - such a pretty peachy bouquet, I love the contrasts of colours, textures and shapes in this bouquet and those big fluffy peachy roses are just so so delicious. Image - Rinne Allen

Above - proof that all things peachy don't need to be soft, these bold invitations with peach stripes are really rather special. Image - Sandstone Wedding Invitations

Above - again, another image that I just love. The rustic basket, the hessian/burlap wrap around the stem of the bouquet is so so fabulous and that bouquet is wonderfully natural and really rather perfect. Image - Simply Bloom

Above - ooooh, another pretty pretty image (I'm using the word 'pretty' a lot in this feature which probably tells you a lot about the them I have to say!). I do so like wooden cake stands and the few peaches scattered around the base with those simple little bottles of flowers add to the overall look without detracted from that beautifully simple cake. Image - Simply Bloom

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