Friday, 1 July 2011

In The Mood - Cherry Inspiration

I just love cherries, their shiny redness, their juicy goodness and the way they give you scarlet stained fingers when you cook with them. My Mum has cherry trees in her garden and every year we seem to the fighting a losing battle to pick bowfuls of  ripe cherries before they're devoured by birds. I am totally sure that the health & safety powers that be would be in utter shock watching my precarious ascents of ladders and branches (and anyone who knows me and my rather uncanny ability to always fall/slip/trip over anything would probably also be watching with their head in their hands.

So today's post is in honour of the beautiful, tasty and totally gorgeous cherry...

Above - two beautifully simple details here, made more fabulous by the addition of those cherries. I love those plain bottle table centres with heaps of cherries piled around the base and the cake with the cherry decorations and vivid red bands looks wonderfully. Love the red and white striped cloth on the cake table too, just great. Image - Jose Villa

Above - I couldn't resist this image, the red cherries against the gown and the shiny rings against the red fruit is rather mouthwatering. Image - Lauren & Abby Ross

Above - hmmmm, cherry pie! These 'sweetie pies' are boxed and tied with gorgeously stripy butcher's twine as take home favours for guests. I have visions of lots of cars parked by the roadside just around the corner from the venue with guests sat inside eating these because they couldn't wait until they got home! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - love this rather glam cake with the frosted cherries. These are easy to make yourself - just brush a thin coating of egg white over the cherry and roll in sugar! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - how tasty do these cheery cherry cupcakes look? I'm now dreaming of cherry chocolate gorgeousness! These would also look great sat at each place setting as a place marker or even as seating cards with little flags poking from them like those in my edible place markers featureImage - My Wedding

Above - the simplicity of this seating card is so appealing and really, can you think of something easier? Bowls of cherries with a little flag poking from the top - it's effective, it's easy and rows of these lined on a table or filling a bookcase or similar would just look great. Image - Project Wedding

Above - healthy and delicious, these are wedding favours that are perfect for summer weddings. I love the presentation here of the scarlet cherries against the kraft brown boxes, just great. I also know love the idea of a kind of 'pick your own' dessert table with lots of fruits and goodies where guests pop their choices into farm style punnets. Hmmmm, I like that... Image - via Wedding Style Guide

Above - paper cherry favour pouches! These would be absolutely great for kids to get them into the theme as well. Simply pop the goodies onto sheets of red crepe paper, twist closed and wrap green crepe paper around a wire to create a stalk (you may want to omit the wire if you are giving these to kids!) and add two paper leaves. You could write names on the leaves and use these as sweet place markers. Image - Martha Stewart

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