Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Delicious Details - Take Home Centrepieces

I am one of those people that loves giving gifts - big gifts, small gifts, handmade gifts or shop bought gifts. I get a huge buzz from making someone feel special with something that makes them smile and I'm all for giving gifts at weddings, particularly when these gifts double up as centrepieces too.  Let's face it, if you're going to spend money on centrepieces, there's nothing worse than seeing them left on tables at the end of the night so why not plan to give them away as gifts and favours? 

So today's feature is all about lovely take home centrepieces that are all 'good to go' at the end of the night. To make sure that people take them, you don't want anything to be too complicated - who's going to start picking complicated arrangements apart at the end of a long day? If you want to give gifts, work out how best to make to work in advance and then relax and feel the love from your happy homeward bound guests...

Above - potted hyacinths grouped on a platter make a bright centrepiece and all that needs to happen at the end of the evening is for guests to pick up a pot and wander home. Image - Brides

Above - these decorations look great and are waiting to be taken home. You could wrap paper or fabric around any container (tins would work well and be really economical), fill with flowers and set at each place setting. Image - Cathy Wraps

Above - I am so in love with these bark wrapped containers with the cute little etched hearts. Again, groups of these waiting to go home would look great and each guest has their initials carved on the bark - perfect! Image - Green Beauty

Above - here mini bunches of flowers make one big arrangement and then guests just pick their little bunch out and pop it in a printed glassine bag to take it home. Love those little bags! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - floral cones in glass containers down the centre of the table look fabulous and are ready wrapped gifts to be taken home. Great attention to detail here - the ribbon band around the base of the vases and the napkins folded into cone shapes to mirror the centrepieces look fabulous. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - now here's a centrepiece that you can put together after a quick trip to the garden centre! Potted orchids are ideal for this because they're so beautiful, they just don't need anything else done to them. You can always wrap fabric or paper around the pots if the ones you buy don't match your theme.  Image - Martha Stewart

Above - love these little centrepieces that are definitely earning their place on the table by being place markers, favours and decorations. Brilliant use of space! Also, love the white and green combo here. Image - via Flickr

Above - possibly the ultimate take home centrepiece - favour boxes stacked on a cake stand just taken home. Image - via Wedding Bee

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  1. Love them all. I just did a wedding where all the table centres were a mass of different pretty plants. Apparently there was a mass scrum at the end of the night...result surely?!