Tuesday, 5 July 2011

In The Mood - Bicycle Inspiration

This is a time of year that makes me very happy. No, it's not the long days, the (sometimes) sunny days, the prospect of my son on school summer holidays - it's the fact that for three weeks, I get to watch the Tour de France. I love cycling, bikes and all things pedal powered. So I got to thinking about bikes and weddings and all things 'made for two'...

And it's a great theme with lots of possibilities. If you're known for your love of lycra clad road cycling or mud covered mountain biking, you can still take your passion and give it a bit of glam for your big day. Guests will instantly connect it with you and you get to have a bit of fun with your theme (yellow jerseys, crashes and squeezee water bottles full of drinks are all optional!)

Above - I really love the idea of bicycle baskets overflowing with flowers. These would look great parked around your venue and would set the stage wonderfully. You can often pick up bikes quite cheaply at boot fairs and a can of spray paint can make even the scruffiest bike brilliant. Image - Abigail Seymour

Above - vintage style 'bicycle made for two' tags for a wish tree. You could use the same style tags for seating cards and place markers while the graphic would also look great on menus and ceremony programs.  Image - Artful Beginnings 

Above - cute cute cute detailing on these two bikes. Ok not hugely practical (unless you're planning to leave your reception on your bike) but fun and a great prop for photographs. Image - Austin Weddings

Above - now this is a great bike decoration! Old wheels suspended above a table, how fab - can you imagine these hung from a marquee ceiling (with fairy lights around them maybe?) or flip them flat and hang jar lanterns from the spokes. Image - Bold American Design

Above - yummy cupcakes with perfectly co-ordinating wrappers. A stack of these would be very popular and it's a sweet way of bringing your theme to another area of the day. Image - Brooklyn Boneshakers

Above - love these deep coloured, non-frilly ceremony programs with the discreet bike detailing. This highlights that you don't need to shout your theme at guests, sometimes you listen more closely when people whisper... Image - Elizabeth Messina

Above - bold and bright, I love these save the dates. There's a lot of personality on this little card and it's certainly an attention grabber without giving too much away about your big day! Image - Cheerupcherup on Etsy

Above - how happy is this image? Love the idea of the bride and groom getting on their bikes and racing from ceremony to reception! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - great seating card display. Tags tied to wheels with big heart decorations, absolutely love it for it's simplicity and that it's probably the last thing people are expecting to see... Image - The Knot

Above - I'm really loving clipboard menus at the moment and these one is great. I like the colour of the tag, like the typewriter-esque font and the little bike motif in the bottom corner is the perfect finishing touch. Image - Brookelyn Photography

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