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The Dos & Don'ts... Dressing Your Venue

Let’s face it, we all want our guests to ‘wow’ over our gorgeous weddings and a lot of thought is put into decoration but before you rush to the ribbon or go crazy with the candles, check out these ‘dos and don’ts’ to make sure your venue is dressed to perfection on your big day...

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Do take lots of photos of the rooms at the venue that you’ll be using once you’ve booked.  These can then act as your reminders when you’re thinking about decoration.  It might be months in between visits to your venue and who can remember where the doors are, what colour the carpet is and if there are windowsills for candles?  You might like to try and get a copy of the floorplan from the venue as well so you can decide where big items are going to be placed.

Don’t plan things too far in advance.  Deciding on your decorations before you’ve decided on your venue is a big mistake as you can end up with colours that don’t go and details that don’t work.  Instead, let the venue you choose be your inspiration rather than spending a lot of time (and possibly money) on deciding decorative ideas and items that won’t work in the space that you have – let your venue act as your blank canvas and you won’t go far wrong.

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Do learn to be bit a bit sneaky!  If there’s a part of your venue that’s not that great, use some decoration to draw the eye away from the grot to the great!  Or, hide the not so nice bit with something like a big swath of fab fabric or even an amazing seating card display.  A dark and dingy corner can be transformed with lots of hanging candles or jar lanterns or a so-so ceremony room looks completely different if you add an aisle runner or a thick scattering of petals.

Don’t be afraid to ask the venue what they have that you can borrow.  By using their stock of tea-light holders you could save yourself quite a bit of cash and if you want to go for it with chair covers or coloured linen, ask your venue if they have links with any suppliers that might be able to give you a discount.

Do think about your lighting as that’s one amazing way to create the perfect atmosphere.  No-one feels romantic under too bright lights so see if there’s a dimmer switch or if the lights are sectioned so you don’t need ‘full beam’ all day.  Obviously fairy lights and candles add light and look suitably magical and can be worth splashing out on – your florist is a great source of inspiration here and don't be afraid to consider more funky options for the evening.

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Don’t feel that every single table centre has to be exactly the same.  Having a mix of heights with your arrangements looks great or you could go for one colour throughout but use different varieties of blooms.  Don’t be afraid to do something a little different as it can work brilliantly.

Do remember the outside of the venue too as even the most gorgeous of gardens can look better with a few decorations.  How about pathways lined with petal filled lanterns or ponds with floating flowers?

Don’t forget to ask about the rules!  Some venues love candles, others loathe them.  Some will let you attach things to walls and windows, others won’t or will hit you with a huge bill for repairs after the event.  And always remember to ask when you can get access to the venue to set everything up - you don’t want suppliers hanging around or to be running out of time.

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Do write clear instructions to the people who’ll be setting things up for you on the day and do try to have a trial run if it’s possible.  If you’ve thought long and hard about how everything is going to look, make sure that people know what you want so you’re not disappointed on the day.

Don’t think you have to be a creative genius to have a stunning venue – get advice from your florist and venue, ask your photographer or planner for information on what they’ve seen before, steal the style of the fab real brides you've seen on blogs or in mags or consider hiring someone (like me!) to do it all for you!

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