Friday, 8 July 2011

In The Mood - Polka Dot Inspiration

I really love polka dots, especially in the summer. There's something so happy and cheerful about them that they're almost irresistibly charming. Bold or subtle, bright or neutral, they just look great and they're a perfect base for an oh-so smiley wedding theme. 

Part of the beauty of polka dots is that you can totally decide how far you go with them - a few little details of lots of big accents. Try to avoid 'kids party' and stick with 'fabulous wedding' however so work within a colour scheme or limit yourself to smaller spots and dots. But do have fun with them in whatever way you wish...

Above - happy happy ring pillow that's a perfect candidate for a little bit of wedding DIY I think - even a sewing dunce like me could probably manage this! Love the addition of the big bold button on top that gives a more 3d look to this design. Image - Blisstree

Above - glassine save the date postcard style envelopes full of polka dot confetti. Love these! Again, this is a good DIY project if you can print and fold the postcard (you could use vellum here) and then simply punch various sizes of dots from coloured papers to pop inside. Image  - via IsBvlgari

Above - love this gown for the understated beauty of these pretty polka dots. Image - J Crew

Above - this is a fab idea for decorating a plainer venue with polka dots - large circles on the walls and floors. If you're thinking about this, do speak to your venue to make sure you're ok to stick things on the walls however! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - cute little confetti pouches here which are just plain little drawstring bags decorated with dots created by a big round ended marker pen! Then punch out big circles from coloured tissue paper and there you have it... Image - Martha Stewart

Above - I do like paper ball lanterns for decoration and they work well with the polka dot look because they're the perfect shape! Totally fabulous in marquees or any space to be honest, just brilliant. Image - Party Favorites

Above - there are so many ways of incorporating polka dots into your stationery - big patterns, dotted bands, small accents and great colour combinations.  Image - Polka Dot Bride

Above - fabulous round seating cards with great polka dots backs and some lovely lovely stripy butcher's twine as a great finishing touch. Love it!  Image - via Snippet & Ink

Above - let's face it, I wasn't going to leave out cake was I?! I love the pinky girlie gorgeousness of this cake and I really like that it's sitting on top of a raising cake stand, just makes it look more delicate and that pink ribbon band is a great detail too. Image - The Knot 

Above - a really simple was to add some polka dot to your table centres - just a simple band of ribbon around the container. You could then use the same idea to wrap around the handle of your bouquets and even add a little touch to buttonholes and corsages too. Image - The Knot

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