Thursday, 7 July 2011

I Love... Unusual Ring 'Pillows'

Now, I bet when you read the title of the this post, there were quite a few of you that flinched at the mere mention of the words 'ring pillow' - I can imagine you shaking your head in disgust at me and thinking I'm just not the person that you thought I was. Well, I hope that a quick skim down the pics below might just restore your faith in me so do feel free to whiz down and back up if you're still not sure - go!!

Are you back now? Right, on with why I love unusual ring pillows. To start with, there's the practicality - even the most forgetful best man isn't going to forget the rings when they're on something fabulous and secondly, it makes the whole 'ring thing' that much more of a feature when they're presented fabulously rather than just being stuck inside a warm pocket for far too long. Should I ever do the wedding deed again, exchanging rings will be a big moment and I'll be bigging it up for all it's worth. So, enjoy, consider and don't doubt me again...

Above - really love the colour combination here and the handmade appeal of this pillow. Such a cute interpretation and something you could definitely make yourself. To me, this seems like a good compromise of a more traditional pillow shape and something a little quirkier. Image - & Unlimited Photography

 Above - love this happy happy flowery pillow. These can be made in any colour to suit your day and the flower in the middle is just the best, guaranteed to make your smile stretch that little bit further! Image - Anna Whitford
Above - regular readers will know my love of buttons so there was no way I was going to let this perky pillow pass me by! Just love it. If you wanted to tone it done a bit with more neutral colours, it would still look fab and then how about a row of matching buttons down a ribbon wrapped bouquet handle? Image - Bugs & Fishes

Above - the cutest little birds nest ring pillow here, totally perfect for a wedding with even the smallest outdoorsy vibe. Just love this. Image - Nicci's DIY Wedding

Above - love love LOVE these pillows. The vintage vibe, the colours, the fabrics, the overall prettiness just makes me smile and go a little gooey. Again, easy to make with some fabric remnants and you could add almost anything you like as an embellishment. Am literally sighing with girlie happiness... Image - Rice Lake Wedding

Above - another oh-so pretty pillow and it's the 3d look here that I really like, it's a great contrast to something sat flat against the pillow. And the colours and the ribbon - altogether gorgeous. Image - SD Wedding Insider

Above - hmmmm, how happy does this pic make me? Totally in love with the idea of using a vintage book as the ring pillow but again, you know my love of books at weddings! I just think this is a great look and that ribbon & flower combo is bordering on perfect. Well played. Image - The Bride's Cafe

Above - I know we've looked at succulents before on the blog and I love this. A circle of wood, topped with a fab succulent and gorgeous wedding bands tied on with the softest ivory ribbon. Beautifully different and very very appealing. Image - Wedding By Color

Above - ring pillows don't get more natural than this. Another succulent plus berries, moss, twine and two fabulous rings equals one totally unique ring pillow that's just about as far from the silky lacey variety as it's possible to get. Image - Why It's Perfect

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  1. Where can I find the blue ring cushion (the 5th pillow down)? Thanks!