Thursday, 21 July 2011

Delicious Details - Heart Place Cards

Hearts are, in many ways, the quintessential wedding motif and there are so many ways of including them in your day. They don't have to take over, they don't have to be the overwhelming feature of the day but you can easily sneak them in, especially at points when you need a little something.

And place cards can sometimes be the perfect spot for a bit of heart based inspiration and also a great touch of wedding DIY. Here are some lovely lovey-dovey ideas for things you can make, things you can do and things you can easily and cheaply put together to stamp some big lurve on your wedding day. So, without further ado, here we go with the ideas...

Above - I really like these place card holders - they'll add some height to the table and if you've got high table centres, they won't get lost underneath them. Two wire hearts on stands can have place cards slipped between them and if you're handy with the pliers, you can, with a little practice, easily bend the wire into shape yourself. Image - Belier

Above - a more traditional style place card with a sweet heart and stitched look. The backing card can be cut with edging scissors and then the name card is stuck on top. You can create the stitched look with a marker pen and the heart can be made some either wood or felt or really anything you like. Image - Folksy

Above - now I've professed my love for origami before and this folded heart place card is rather lovely. You can use any coloured or patterned paper and the printed name paper is tucked neatly in between. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - this rolled heart place card is really elegant. The strip of paper has the guest's name written on to it and it's then rolled into a quilled heart and is tucked over the glass. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - love these child-like felt heart place cards. Roughly cut and stitched together the the stitched name tags pinned on top. Again, any colour combinations would work here and don't have to stitch on the names if you're not that handy with needle and thread!  Image - Our Labor Of Love

Above - now DIY doesn't come much easier than this. Cut out a heart with pinking shears, print out names and then stick on top. Punch an hole, thread with ribbon and twine and tie around your napkins. Ta-dah!! Image - This Is Pretty