Thursday, 30 June 2011

I Love... Glassine Bags

As you've probably noticed by now, I like wrapping things up - I like the sense of anticipation, I like the happy thoughts of opening something special and I like the feeling that simply taking a little extra  time over presentation can turn something relatively plain into something quite fabulous. It's about putting in a little extra effort for a big reward with just a little extra cost.

And, I have to say that little glassine bags have been one of my favourite things for weddings for a long time. These simple semi-opaque waxy bags are just brilliant - they hint at the fabulousness within and they allow you to wrap almost anything without hours of fiddling around measuring & cutting paper and messing around with tape. These little bags are wedding DIY heaven - effective, economical and oh-so adaptable. So, today you have my total permission to call me a bag lady and I hope to convert you to the joys of bag worship too...

Above - how utterly cute are these ceremony programs complete with a glassine bag of paper disc confetti attached to the front? So simple, so effective and so unexpected - perfect DIY. Love this. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - these larger bags have been decorated with fabulous Japanese Washi Tape and you can pop anything inside them - invitation packs, ceremony programs, menus... This is such a quick and easy way of bringing plain bags to life. Image - I Do It Yourself

Above - ooooh, lanterns! These beautifully coloured glassine bags have been wrapped around bulbs on a string of lights and strung from trees. This will look just wonderfully at night with the soft pinky light floating down. I'd love to be dancing with someone I love under those... Image - Martha Stewart

Above - the practical side of me loves this and the pretty side of me loves these too so - win! These glassine bags have been sewn shut with a quirky zig-zag stitch and the confetti inside won't be dropped and it can't drift away either. You could use this look for favour bags too which would be fabulous! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - these bags have just been snipped across the top with deckle edged scissors to give a different look and simply decorated with a sticker. You could use a stamp or other embellishment - whatever fits with your theme will work here. Image - Pash Weddings

Above - I just love love LOVE these. To start with, how much do you just want to tuck into those incredibly delectable looking macarons and secondly, how sweetly simple are those favour bags? Just tuck a macaron into a glassine bag and seal with the pretty pastel sticker. I actually need to find an excuse to do this, just because I want to. Image - Shauna Younge

Above - another cute look where the bags have been sealed with a ribbon bow. Fold the top of the bag over, punch a hole and tie your ribbon through it. Please also note here how the ends of the ribbons are cute on the diagonal to stop fraying - I can't tell you how much this attention to detail pleases me. I know, it's almost wrong to be picky but hey, it's my job...! Image - Twig & Thistle on Etsy

Above - perfect for pack-you-own favours! Glassine bags are stacked in a wooden box, just waiting to be filled with yummy treats and sealed with a sticker. I love the idea of favours as a bit of a communal activity and this works wonderfully. Image - via Wedding Bee


  1. Lovely post, as always Tamryn!

    I love the ideas here, do you have any idea where we can get glassine bags in the UK?


  2. Hi Louise - try Amazon, Ebay and there are also some office supply companies on-line that stock them if you have a little Google! x