Thursday, 16 June 2011

Delicious Details - Bookcases & Desks

I'm sure you all know by now my feelings about creased table linen (yukity yuk yuk) and I also have the same itchy-skin feelings about table legs - metal 'conferencey' table legs poking out from underneath too-short table cloths are not a good look for me but then I'm not a fan of box pleat cloths, or worse, those frilly clip on table cloth 'curtain's, either. That's why I really really love a bit of 'proper' furniture at weddings.

Desks and bookcases work really well - they can double up as guest, drinks or seating card tables. They look fabulous with displays of photos or other props and they're way more interesting than a trestle table with a cloth of it. Again, if you can find something cheap, a coat or two of paint can make anything look better and you've got something you can use after the day at home and always have a fab reminder of your day.

So dust off your paint brush, go hunting for some 'junk' furniture and say goodbye to the dull creased cloth covered tables...

Above - I just love this pretty desk set up. Everything about it is rather gorgeous - the colour of the desk, the simple 'just married' sign, the photos, books and the the placement of the whole caboodle outside with hte pretty natural backdrop. Ahhhh, I just need to sit and look at this for a while but you should feel free to move on... Image - Clayton Austin

Above - such a sweet cake table and again, waaaaaay more interesting than just a cake on a little round table all on its own. I love the cake stand suitcase and the pretty glass bowls and flowers around it just add to the impact. The pretty white bureau is the ideal resting place. Image - Elizabeth Anne Designs

Above - a teacher's desk for of apples for the teacher - I really like the idea of making things personal so this is a great nod to the careers of the bride or grooms. The apples all have the guests's names and seating assignments pinned to them so this makes a really quirky display that's bound to get everyone smiling. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - this card index case is full of seating cards with a simple retro cake topper for decoration and height.  What I like about this is that it's interactive - guests have to 'do' something together and rummaging around will be lots of fun. Image - The Sweetest Occasion

Above - now here's a really great floral idea - lots of simple little bottles and vases grouped on an old desk just filled with one or two stems each. This is a large scale floral display that's just about as easy as anything to put together yourself. Image - via The Little Branch

Above - gorgeous candy buffet on an old desk with the sweets spilling out of drawers and that old till just looks great. The bags for the goodies are in another drawer and the setting is just fabulous. Image - Wedding Bee

Above - love love LOVE this display. Each book in the bookcase has a guest's name and seating details on the spine as a great table plan! I love the haphazard arrangement of the books, not too 'perfect'. I also love the addition of the apples (I loves apples at weddings, I don't know why - think it's the colours and freshness of them!) and one simple vase of 'just picked' flowers is the perfect finishing touch. Image - Wedding By Color

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  1. Great post Tamryn - I love the mis-matched vases with the single stem flowers - so simple but so effective!