Saturday 4 June 2011

In The Mood - Paper Plane Inspiration

Today's post is inspired by this week's trip to The Imperial War Musuem at Duxford (if you've not been - go! It's a great collection, lots to see and do and the cake there is really excellent!). Anyway, son is prepping for a  school project so this entitled him to a little time in the gift shop and we came away with possibly the best paper plane kit ever. Needless to say, our house is now full of planes and my head is now full of paper plan ideas.

I'm loving vintage travel as a theme anyway and the addition of some quirky little paper plane details brings a little bit of fun to the overall design of the day. We can all make paper planes so they're perfect for a spot of flying DIY and as most use need some paper, they're relatively cheap and you can make them in any colours you like. So let paper planes inspire you and let your imagination fly...

 Above - two things to love here. I love how the bride's shoes have been lined with vintage maps and the tiny little paper planes on wires make great decorations for a guest book table as they 'fly' from behind the sign. You could also imagine these taking off from a table centre or how about tiny versions jetting out of the groom's buttonhole? Image - Caroline Tran

 Above - I love these air mail invitations, the layouts, the colours and the beautiful old fashioned air mail envelope too. These would give your guests a real hint to the theme of the day. Image - Custom Paper Works

 Above - beautiful paper plane mobiles here, looking totally gorgeous decorating trees here but they'd work equally well hanging from a marquee ceiling. What I like best here is that the planes are made from vintage maps. Now I can't stand to cut old maps up but you can get map style wrapping or scrapbook paper so no real maps need to be harmed! The addition of the ribbons here just bring a softer touch to this display.  Image - via Ruffled

Above - now I really REALLY love these save the date notes. I have such a 'thing' for the aqua and blue colour scheme, the stripy envelope lining is just gorgeous and the plane notes are fabulous. Lay them flat to send and let guests have some fun folding and flying when they arrive. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - these seating cards are brilliant. Mini paper planes with each guest's name on the wing with the seating assignment folded away inside. Use these at your wedding and I can imagine that you'll be bombarded with little planes when you make your entrance into dinner - lots of fun! Image - Mimi + Karl

Above - leading on the from the paper plane ideas, you can take things further with your guest book and use a passport style book, complete with stamps, for guests to leave their notes in. I really like this idea (and you could use the same stamps to decorate place cards, seating cards, menus and ceremony programs too. Image - Stacy Able

Above  ok, so these planes might not be paper but I couldn't leave them out! Little balsa wood fliers have the couple's 'logo' on one wing and the seating details on the other. I love the crazy landing field display and again, guests could have lots of fun with their seating cards (which isn't something you say very often!) - Image - The Knot

Above - more beautiful stationery with a paper plane them. Plain planes, map planes and I really love the compass style invitation card. Really simple to make yourself with some card, a printer or stamps and some wood (or card) compass points. It would be fun to include your venue details as a grid reference too! Image - Wedding Talk


  1. I have to say, if you want stationary and decorations that are adorable enough for the ladies but fun enough for the guys, these are it. I never thought paper airplanes could be so lovely, I want to make some myself now! Might have to use it for photographic inspiration.

  2. Aren't they fab? I just love them - different but not complicated. Such a great look! So pleased you like them too and thanks for the comment x

  3. Hi, do you know where they got the paper to make the air mail paper airplane seating cards?

  4. Where can you get the balsa wood plane seating cards and where do you get them printed?