Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I Love... Patterned Tape

So you've probably gathered by now that I like a little bit of DIY and this past weekend saw me prepping for a photoshoot and yes, that involved craft and, more specifically, stocking up on craft material. I admit to getting a little carried away and a few things might have fallen into the basket without my knowledge (don't you just hate it when that happens?). One of the 'unexpected' items was a pack of Cath Kidston Patterned Sticky Tape and I've been happily playing with ideas ever since.

This stuff is great - so easy to use, it comes in every colour & pattern you could wish for and there's no messing around with glue either. Perfect for quick projects and it livens up almost everything with a stripe of colour or pattern. Excellent for all wedding DIY-ers!

Above - I totally love drinks flags and masking tape flags couldn't be easier to make. Just wrap a length around your skewer or dowelling and snip the ends into a neat 'v' cut. Write on a message if you want for an extra personal touch. Image - Big Day SF 

Above - gorgeous masking tape here and doesn't it look great stuck across the lid of those boxes? It's a great way to make the plainest favour boxes look a lot more impressive. Same goes for a plain envelope - close it with a length of tape as a fabulous on-trend alternative to a wax seal. Image - Design Muse 

Above - these vintage postcard place cards are really great and you can see the little wrap of tape in the top left corner. It doesn't detract from the postcard but the guest's name is still clear to see. Brilliant! Image - I Do It Yourself 

 Above - more great masking tape projects in this image. Firstly, the little flags stuck into the fruit as place markers but the star of the show is that masking tape garland. That would be fab in a marquee or hall and it's just tape looped over a length of twine at intervals. I would stick with the coloured tape for this project as patterns would get lost at a distance. Image - I Do It Yourself

 Above - now this is a fabulous idea for really bringing plain glass candle holders to life. Just wrap lengths of table around the holders that works with your colour scheme or theme and there you have it. Honestly, how simple is that? The light looks beautiful filtering through the colour and a big grouping of these pretty holders is a really cost effective way to create a big impact display. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - if you're printing your stationery yourself and want to add colour and interest to a simple design without spending ages gluing and embellishing, masking tape is for you. The strips over the top here can be random lengths and you don't need to get hung up about each strip lining up perfectly. This would then be a look that's easy to replicate on menus, place cards. ceremony programs and more. Image - Minted

 Above - love this idea for a funky seating plan. The tags have just had strips of tape stuck across them and names and table assignments written on. You could hang these across a backing board, from trees or anywhere really. Very flexible and very simple. Perfect. Image - The Haystack Needle


  1. What lovely ideas! Will defiantly use this idea especially for tealights, perfect way to add colour onto the table.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ruth - so pleased you like the ideas. I think the tealight holders with the coloured tape around them look brilliant, good choice!