Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Love... Vintage Keys

A few years ago, when I moved house, I made 'new address' cards to send out, all adorned with a little vintage key. I'd picked up a pack of them for a song on eBay and ever since, I've found old keys really rather amazing. I wonder what they open, who they belonged to and how they were lost! There's something so tactile about them and the colours and shapes of them are often beautiful.

So today's post is all about vintage keys - how to include them in your wedding and detailing and there are lots of options. Keys would work as a motif with any backdrop colour so if you're sure on a colour scheme but would like to use a detail to run through the wedding, keys could possible be perfect for you. Then, add in the potential symbolism of keys an you're onto a winner!

Above - love this quirky seating plan that encourages guests to find 'the key to your seat'. The vintage keys are all attached to tags showing each guest's name & seating details and they're then 'framed' and displayed. That frame is wonderfully opulent and after the wedding, how about a bit of up-cycling - use it to hold one of your favourite wedding images? Image - Cedarwood Weddings

Above - here the key is integrated into the ribbon wrap around the stem of this bouquet for a sweet piece of detailing. The key in question could be a meaningful one - from your childhood home maybe? - or just something you've picked up specially. Image - Chicago Illinois Wedding Photography

Above - gorgeous cross-keys wedding stationery. This is such a great motif for a wedding - a little unexpected but still very beautiful - and it's easy to use throughout the day with lots of key-filled touches. Image - Oh Lovely Day

Above - more fabulous stationery, this time with a very different look - out goes letterpress and in comes printed stationery with a great vintage key wrapped right up in the invitation pack. I really like the layout of the stationery here, the kraft-brown reply card, the bold font & design and of course, the vintage style save-the-date with key attached. Image - Olivia Leigh Photographie

Above - ooooh, I so love this set-up (I've got it bad for burlap cloths & runners right now!) And the blue touches just pop so sweetly against the muted browns. Those key place markers are just great - so simple but so effective and they really add to that tablescape. Do think about adding some unusual items, they look so interesting and with some thought, they don't have to cost the earth. Image - Oncewed

Above - now you know how I love chair decorations and you probably also know about my love of white or brown wood chairs so this image so works with me! So simple with the lavender and key tied on to the chairback but it looks fab! Image - via Pinterest

Above - another great key based table plan. Here, each table is listed on a different sheet with a key attached for extra interest. I really like that each table's sheet is of a different sized which just stops everything looking too regimented and contrived. Love that table too and I think I want that gorgeously coloured telephone... Image - via Ruffled

Above - this is a great way to bring the key motif into the wider wedding 'look' - here the key in question is attached to a buttonhole and it looks really fabulous against they green and beige. This idea would work with any little item, not just keys, so it's worth keeping in mind whatever your theme. Image - Simply Elegance


  1. Hello,

    I just love the key to your seat idea and was wanting to incorporate this into my own wedding. Where can I get some old keys from at a reasonable price?

    Donna x

    1. eBay! I got some beautiful ones from there in bulk I typed ' old key lots' good luck