Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Delicious Details - Vintage Tea Tin Centrepieces

I am such a tea lover, it's untrue. I can barely function in the morning until I've had my cup of tea and there's something so comforting about wrapping your hands around a big mug and just sitting and sipping for a few minutes. Now I'm usually a lazy tea-maker - tea bags might not be the best but they're quick for a girl on the go. However, when I've got the time, I like to make proper tea, leaf tea, and the gorgeous smell when I open my tea tin to scoop out a big spoonful into the pot is just heavenly.

But the tea tins themselves can be just as gorgeous in a more visual way - I love the patterns, the printing, the gorgeous colours of tins of tea. They're special versions of the everyday which is just what I like for weddings so here are some ideas for turning tea tins into gorgeous centerpieces...

Above - love these candles in the old tins. You could do this one of three ways - either just pop in a small pillar candle, fill the empty tins with wax and a wick or, if they're water tight, add some water & use a floating candles instead. Image - Intimate Weddings

Above - pretty pretty pastels. I love these pale blue tin with the delicate pink roses as they co-ordinate beautifully. If you can't find tins that 'go' with the flowers you want, you can always download & print tea label wraps to re-cover the tin. Image - Yvette Inufio

Above - another beautifully co-ordinating display, here with much punchier colours and those tins look great. Another perfect addition to the tablescape is the glass full of vintage spoons. Image - Lovely Velo

Above - this is such an interesting table top with the mix of tin shapes & sizes and the variety of blooms in them. Such an eclectic look that's bought together by the use of those gorgeous tins. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - I love this wild look and here's a tip for getting a little more height from your tin centrepieces - just stack them up to create and more interesting variety of heights. Image - Milk Glass Village Rentals

Above - now this is a really well co-ordinated look but the white chairs and table linens stop it from looking too over-worked. The tins have been wrapped with paper (use wallpaper, wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper) and the 'tea' labels printed and added afterwards. If you want 'the look' to fit perfectly, then personalising the tins like this is ideal. Image - The Sweetest Occasion

Above - this would be a pretty set up for a guest book table with the books, the vintage typewriter and the tin holding the flowers. You could use a similar look for a dessert table or seating card display. Image - Yvette Inufio

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  1. I shot a wedding that used vintage tins at the weekend. Every table had a different tin and every tin contained a different flower arrangement - it looked amazing. Oh and most of the flowers had been picked from their garden the previous day!
    The only problem for me was that they were all so different and beautiful that I had to take a photograph of every single one lol