Thursday, 2 June 2011

Delicious Details - Table Numbers

Today's feature is about the humble and often forgotten table number - so often just a printed card in a rather bland silver holder, they're not always considered which is such a shame as they can add so much to a tablescape and with a bit of imagination, they can really compliment any theme.

Table numbers are also ripe for a bit of wedding DIY - you can keep them simple or go to town depending on the time and budget available (and your crafting ability!). The key is to plan something that works with the overall look of the day and suits you perfectly. Remember table numbers need to be big enough to be seen from a decent distance - no point in doing something beautiful if it doesn't actually do the job and doesn't help people find their table! When you're setting the tables on the day, don't forget to angle the table numbers so they can be easily read as guests come in to dinner so point them towards the entrance please!

Anyway, enough of the lecture and on with the ideas...

Above - love these vintage mix and match numbers. The frames, the fabric numbers are all fabulous and you could use scraps of fabric to make these without spending a fortune on metres of new stuff (or find some interesting textiles in a charity shop and chop them up). You can also re-use the frames after the day to put some of your wedding photos in so it's a win-win there! Image - Bridal Cookie

Above - this over-large number is just great and works so well to bring together all the little details on teh table. I like the 'nude' colour and it contrasts really nicely with those bright flowers. You can buy larger numbers like this from places like Hobbycraft and you could always paint or decorate them if you wanted something a little fancier. Image - Credit Crunch Bride

Above - I really like wooden details and you could get this look in one of two ways. You can find yourself a friendly wood yard and get them to help you out or buy and cut your own wood then stencil on the numbers and paint or varnish them. Image - Elizabeth Anne Designs

Above - I really like these simple bright framed numbers. Ikea do frames exactly like this at a really good price and you could print the numbers yourself and embellish them yourself with brightly coloured papers in any pattern you like. Image - Gator Bride

Above - now I know I've posted about cloche centrepieces before so it shouldn't be a surprise to see a table number under a glass dome making an appearance here! I really like the white ink/paint on the light brown background and you could pop anything under the glass you like - flowers, fruit or anything that fits your theme. Image - Grey Likes Weddings

Above - what a fab moss covered table number. This one is certainly tricker DIY so you might want your florist to do it for you but if you're determined, it could be done. Take a look on a website like Martha Stewart for instruction or check out Paula Pryke's 'Wreaths' book for instructions to adapt. Image - Le Chic Wedding Boutique

Above - I love quilled details and this number is gorgeous. The long strip of paper is curled and twisted into shape and then stuck onto the backing. There are plenty of 'how tos' on-line but quilling is very easy to pick up and you can get pre-cut paper on-line or at craft shops. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - love love LOVE these book table numbers! All you need to do is cut your numbers out from thick card (or even wood or foam) and paint or cover them as you choose and attach them to a book. Pick up prettily coloured hardbacks from a charity store or even a jumble sale. Image - Next Exit Photography

Above - I really have a soft spot for rosettes right now and these large versions with table number centres are really great. You can use fabric or paper to create them and then attached the numbered disc to the middle. You could also make smaller versions and put the guest's names on the centre circle and lay them at each setting as place markers. Image - Pet Dog

Above - beautiful buttons! Love this homely table number where an embroidery ring is used as the frame. The bold number is sewn on in 'big kid' stitch and them embellished further with buttons. You can just see the twine and fabric wrapped vases behind that have been finished with more buttons for a great co-ordinated look. Image - The Knot

Above - these numbered bottled are great, especially because they can double up as vases! You can either paint the numbers on using a stencil and white (or coloured) paint or use a stencil and some etching spray if you'd prefer a more frosted look. Image - via Flickr

Above - I like this quirky little sum-style table number - really easy to print yourself but it's just something a little bit different. You could do this in a few minutes so DIY needn't be complicated, it's just about a bit of though sometimes. I suggest 'thinking' over tea and cake for the best ideas!! Image - Wedding By Color

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  1. Tamryn, you have some very creative ideas here, and the beauty of it is that some of them are so straight-forward and easy to create yourelf! Thanks for sharing!