Monday, 27 June 2011

I Love... Fingerprint Details

The saying goes that 'once someone touches your heart, the fingerprints last forever' and I certainly believe that's true. Fingerprints are, like relationships, totally unique so I think they're rather fabulous for wedding details and they're particularly excellent for wedding DIY - let's face it, we all have the most important part of any fingerprint project with us all the time anyway!

So it's all about getting creative with where you make your mark - stationery, decorations, favours, jewellery and guest books are all possibles and of course, you can use combination of colours for inks and papers that suit your plans. I hope you like some of these details and that they leave a little mark on you too...

Above - love this ring marked forever with the fingerprint of your partner. You can add fingerprints too all kinds of other items too from keyrings to cufflinks so there's plenty of scope for added individuality. Image - Camille Hempel

Above - I love these invitations complete with thumbprints of the bride and groom and the print details are carried through onto the other cards within the pack too. That bold typeface and lack of embellishments works so well here too, love it. Image - via Flickr

Above - I so so love the thumbprint guest 'books' - everyone leaves their print and signs their name to form a big tree on a canvas. If you're going to do this, have lots of wipes to hand so no-one gets inky fingers all over their best outfits! Image - Leigh Miller

Above - great labels for favour boxes here with two fingerprints combining to form a perfect heart. How apt! I love the ribbon bands with the labels on the top and you can pop anything you like in the boxes. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - more hearts here and you could copy this look with printed hearts on pebble paperweight favours or on seating cards, place cards, menus and more. This is a great way to add personality to standard designs. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - now this has to be the cutest sign to sit alongside a thumbprint signing tree! You could continue the leaf theme with other details too (place markers etc) Image - The Sweetest Occasion

Above - here's a close up of the signing tree. I love how the bride and groom birds are in a difefrent colour and the bird's little tiara is uber sweet. I also think the initials 'carved' into the trunk of the tree are a great finishing touch too. Image - Blue de Toi on Etsy


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