Saturday, 18 June 2011

I Love... Bottles & Flowers

Now I'm sure you've all noticed by now my slight (?) addiction with wedding DIY and my slight (?) preoccupation with using every day items to create something really special for someone's big day. It's amazing what you can use or adapt when you look around you and don't just see a tin can full of baked beans for example but an can that could be turned into something really fabulous. It's the ultimate in eco wedding up-cycling and I'm all for it.

And, in that same spirit, today's post is all about bottles and flowers. I just love these ideas - so simple, so cost effective and such a great way of creating a large scale display (or even an installation daaarrrrllllingggs!) easily and on a budget. If you're going to do this, wash & store your bottles carefully as you use them, prep them at home before taking them to you venue with the wire or ribbon around the necks to hang them and don't worry about measuring lengths or the hangings - part of the joy about this look is the unplanned!

So next time you're at the supermarket, shun those plastic bottles in favour of glass - get yourself a great decorative display that you can totally recycle afterwards. Now, who would have thought that tomato ketchup bottle would make it to your big day...

Above - I love the beautiful simplicity of this display - such a great way to make and empty space really special on a budget. Bottles suspended with just one or two flower stems in it means these are economical displays to create (think ahead and save any empty bottles whilst you're planning) Image - Elizabeth Anne Designs

Above - and I love this image too. Again, these fabulous bottles, just with simple stems, really make the inside  of this plain little gazebo come alive. Perfect wedding DIY - cost effective, simple and BIG on impact. Image - Jonathan Ong

Above - now this is a different look that I really wanted to share. Here the bottles are suspended from underneath the confetti cone holder. And unexpected place for them but it's a great idea because that prop will still look great now even when the cones have been taken. Image - Just Judy

Above - this is a great homemade centrepiece. The branches form the main piece of the display, all held in a gorgeous great big vase and the bottles and flowers have been hung from them. More colour and softness is added by putting more flowers & bottles on the table below too. Such a big display so would be so easy to recreate or adapt yourself. You could also use  the table below for seating cards, favours or a guest book. Image - via Ruffled

Above - love love LOVE this image. I love the kissing couple, the smiling best man, the colour of the bridesmaid's gown but it's those hanging bottles decorating the ceremony area that I  just can't get enough of. They are fabulous - big impact, low cost. Amazing. Image - W Scott Chester

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