Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Delicious Details - Manzanita Branches

I love the outdoors - I love almost everything about it (I say almost because I'm not keen on annoying gnats, midges and other small biting flying things) and I have a really soft spot for trees. But my love for the solid, permanence of trees isn't the only reason why I love manzanita branches for weddings. I love them because they're interesting, adaptable, great for DIY and relatively cost effective (particularly at the times of year when flowers are expensive or limited).

Branch arrangements can work with lots of different styles and themes of wedding - you can keep them natural or glam them up, use them right across the day or keep them for something special. But before you decide how you're going to use them, you have to have some ideas so here you go...

Above - a wishing tree is a great use for potted branches and it's a sweet alternative to a guest book (when sometimes people can struggle with knowing what to write!). Here, guests leave their wishes, hopes and suggestions for you on the tags that hang from the branches. If you're not sure they'll know what to do, add a couple of examples as 'starters' to the arrangement! Image - Anna Kuperberg

Above - a different look here with little jar vases hanging from the branches that are then set in the grass. I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of the grasses and those flowers (orchids!) in the boxy container because it seems like there are two different looks clashing but I love those hanging jars. Image - Legacy Floral

Above - I really like these arrangements. The metal stands, the colours of the flowers, the branches and their simple beauty with a little extra addition of some jewels too. The colours are just so alive and this is proof that  branches work really well with a less natural, more sophisticated look too. Image - Michael Daigian

Above - a gorgeous seating 'tree' sat in a pool of the prettiest pink flowers. To stand the branches up and keep them stable, you'll probably need to set them in concrete which can make the finished arrangement heavy so be careful! Image - via Project Wedding

Above - another great seating tree here and this one has a very different look. The vintage boxes with the vegetables gives a much more rustic feel and I really like it. Image - Simon Larrott

Above - another glam look with the simple floral ball in the branch. You can see from the tables in the background that not all of the tables have the same branch based centrepieces and I like this - depending on the size of the room, lots of these big arrangements could be overpowering and the mix of centrepieces provides lots more visual interest too. Image - The Knot

Above - love this autumnal looking centrepiece. The branch rests in the top of the vase which keeps everything quite clear. The delicate flower heads hang down on invisible thread and the overall effect is rather fabulous. Image - The Knot

Above - hmmmm, love the peacock feathers here, the colours and the intricate fringing is gorgeous. The addition of the beads just add another texture and shape to the arrangement which layers up the interest. Image - via Wedding Bee

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