Friday, 3 June 2011

I Love... Embroidery Hoop Decorations

Anyone who's ever read a Jane Austen or swooned over a little bit of period drama will be well used to the idea of the well behaved young lady sweetly embroidering her sampler whilst waiting her for dashing suitor to appear. However, I do fear that those slightly bored girls have missed a trick because embroidery rings are absolutely perfect for wedding decorations.

Now I'm not asking you to sit sewing or cross-stitching until your fingers look like pin cushions. Oh no, there are much better things to do with them and some of these fabulous ideas don't even need you to thread a needle. They're bold, they're super simple and they're great fun. Now what would Jane Austen have thought about that I wonder...

 Above - I love these bold bubbles of colour - it's a great way to put your stamp on the outside of your venue. All you need to do is stretch fabric across the hoops and display them randomly. These would also look great inside, especially to liven up a marquee.  Image - Elizabeth Anne Designs

 Above - the stitched table number might require a little sewing but most of us can manage a running stitch and if it's not perfect, just say you've gone 'homespun'! Here the hoops that have the fabric stretched across them have been hung from the ceiling of a marquee and they look great. The movement you'd get with any breeze would create an ever changing display. Image - via Love & Lavender

 Above - these clusters have been hung above a table which is a great contrast to the low level decorations on it but everything is round and circular which creates a great effect. This would have most impact above a long table - a great way to inject lots of colour without cluttering up your tables. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - now we all like monograms for a dash of personalisation and these embroidery hoop monograms look fabulous, proof that monograms don't have to be swirly or uber smart, they can work with a very laid back wedding. You could also hang them at home afterwards as a great reminder of the day. Image - via Pinterest

 Above - now I'm have a bit of a 'reaction' to these chairs so please please try to look past them as the embroidery hoop chair decorations. Very simple and they even look good on bog-standard banqueting chairs. There are lots of things you could do with these, even personalising each hoop to hang on dinner chairs as a place marker/favour combo. Image - Rebekah J Murray

 Above - I. Love. These. These gorgeous vintage doilies that are stretched between the hoops here look absolutely amazing. Delicate, delightful and really rather dreamily gorgeous. You could hang a grouping of these from a tree as a fab backdrop for photos.. Image - Sweet & Lush

Above - great hoop hangings behind this pretty dessert buffet and the details of what's on offer are on each hoop. This would be a great way to display a menu as well. Image - via Tumblr 

Above - I love this display of old photos, something that's really popular at weddings but done like this, it's really something special. You could use the same idea for a seating plan with each hoop holding the details of each table or ask guests to pin their guest book cards to each hoop to create a unique display. Image - Twig

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