Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Delicious Details - Stationery Bundles

I really like bundles of things - bundles make things look abundant, everything's kept together and wrapping things up, even a tiny bit, makes whatever's inside the bundle look like a gift. I love cutlery bundles (great at relaxed place settings as they do away with the endless rows of knives, forks and spoons around a plate) and I really love stationery bundles. With so much more going in the average invitation envelope now, bundling is not only a practical way of making sure that a) no-one loses anything and b) the package comes out of the envelope in the order you intended because, let's face it, you probably wanted people to see the invitation first, not the envelope for the reply card!

So today's post is all about beautiful bundles of oh-so sweet stationery because, as we know, it's all in the detail...

Above - these stationery bundles are all the better for the wrap of wrapping paper around them and the raffia tie. This would definitely give you a sense of the vibrant celebration that's coming and peeling back that pretty paper would be really rather fabulous. Image - Betsy White

Above - I love the criss-cross, kiss shape wrapping of this bundle and I love the mix of fabrics - thread and vintage ribbon combine perfectly. Image - Coral Pheasant

Above - regular readers will know my love of stripy twine so this pretty package immediately caught my eye. Love the cute 'tying the knot' tag which will look great on a parcel style pack. Image - Luna & Chloe Weddings

Above - love this collage showing lots of bundle styles with fabric, ribbon, twine and tissue paper. This illustrates perfectly that there are so many ways of bundling your stationery that it works with every style. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - the rustic string around this invitation pack give it a really unfussy look and I really like the coloured tag with the white ink - I have a real 'thing' for that right now! Image - Oh So Beautiful Paper

Above -  now this is a great mix of style, printed invitations, graphics, a wood card and a kraft and string wrap holding everything together. Again, that criss cross string looks great and keeps the bundle flat and supported. Image - via 4 My Brides

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