Wednesday 1 June 2011

Delicious Details - Soda Bars & Bottles

I love drinks in 'proper' glass bottles - I know it's an indulgence and it's not for every day but they just look so pretty, so cute and so much fun too. And when there are gorgeously coloured drinks inside them that's even better. So, today's post is all about fabulous soda bars and soda bottles...

I love soda bars, they might be my new favourite thing - so easy to set up, cheaper than providing lots of alcohol (so great if you've got a long day planned!) and they're just such a talking point. And, in a world of throw away plastic, there's something really rather special about good old fashioned glass bottles. That 'every day item, elevated' idea is just something I love - take one item and make it the best it can be. So next time you're in the supermarket, check out the range of drinks in glass bottles and get thinking about all the good things you can do with soda bars and bottles...

Above - love this pretty soda bar with the gorgeous ruffled backdrop and the plain butchers block style bar. Those big galvanised buckets of ice are a great idea too and I love the spectrum arrangement of the bottles. Great styling. Image - Christie Pham

Above - these bottles have letters on the top - a great place to pop some stickers with your new initials, a monogram or wedding date. Image - Elizabeth Anne Designs

Above - the simplest soda bar is also on of the most effective! Big bucket, ice & bottles - simple. Just remember to have some bottle openers to hand and how about some fab striped paper straws too? Image - Intimate Weddings

Above - here the soda bottles are used as seating cards & favours and what a great idea as guests have their drinks as soon as they sit down! All you have to do it slip a tag around the neck of the bottle with the seating details on and you're done. How simple is that?! It would still be a nice touch to have glasses and a maybe ice on hand for guests who don't want to drink direct from the bottle. Image - Lotus Institutions

Above - another rustic soda bar, this time with a plain wood table & background. Love the colours of those drinks and the raised floral arrangements & sign add some variation in height to what would otherwise have been a very 'one height' display. The flowers soften the wood and those bright angular bottles too and the whole thing works perfectly.  Image - This Modern Romance

Above - lots of my favourite things in one set of image. The bottles, the stripy straws, the bold sign and the quirky container. What a great soda bar display with perfect finishing touches. Image - The White Library

Above - another soda seating arrangement and I so like this idea especially with the cute chalkboard and those bold, block print, tags. I'm just hoping there are bottle openers on the tables! You could find some interesting way to display these bottles rather than just lining them up on a table - how about a wine rack or some shelves? Let your imagination out to play! Image - Wedding By Color

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  1. Ms Kirby: Please, please, please can you stop blogging for the next two and a bit weeks until after my wedding.

    Every time i read your new blog post (i missed you on Tuesday btw :0(( ), i think "oooh, i could do this" and "ooooh, i could do that".

    You're giving me far too many ideas and with only 18 days to go i am running out of time!! Actually, it's incredibly scary how many elements we've got going on anyway and then they appear on here...

    Am only joking about stopping your posts - you are an incredible source of inspiration not only to me as a bride-to-be, but to other brides-to-be and to many of us in the wedding industry. xxx