Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I Love... Luggage Tag Details

There's something about luggage tags that promises excitement - the anticipation of a trip or the knowledge that you're heading off into the world to make some memories. Perhaps those reasons are also why I've got a bit of a soft spot for luggage tag details at weddings. They're great for seating cards, place markers or any form of stationery and they're really rather perfect for a bit of crafty DIY.

Luggage tag details can be plain, embellished with cuttings of old maps or designed to fit the theme. Now I know lots of people cut up maps to decorate their tags but the geographer in me just can't stand to cut maps up, especially those pre 1940 maps I've picked up at my local antique centre. If you're like me, may I recommend map-esque wrapping paper instead?!

But, as we're now cleared for take-off on this feature, please stow your tables in the upright position and let's go...

 Above - love this simple but oh-so effective place setting. The addition of the air-mail envelope adds some colour and zip to what would otherwise have been a very plain coloured setting. I dream there's a personal little note in each envelope for every guest (or a 'thanks for coming' note - my Mum taught me to always write thank you letters!) Image - BridalBuzz

Above - sweet 'save the date' ticket tags here, all printed in a fab airline boarding card styleee. I'd love it if the numbers underneath the barcode were the date & time of the wedding! Image -  Chateau & Villa Weddings

 Above - this is a great little invitation set - the beautiful map cover, then the invitation tag and the information tag completes the set. Totally gorgeous and certainly achievable as a DIY option - printer, guillotine, hole punch, ribbon & you're away... Image - via Flickr

 Above - another save the date tag here with a slightly different style as this incorporates the tree motif but the stamp and the layout still works well with the look of the tag. A good way to combine things & it's all good. Image - Gourmet Invitations

Above - I love these tags and I think the fabulous use of Butcher's Twine just finishes them off wonderfully. I like the idea of using your initials in lieu of an airport code and finding other quirky ways to incorporate your details into a traditional tag or ticket. Put your own stamp on these ideas, make them personal and make them a little bit clever... Image - Invitation Crush

Above - a whole suite of tag inspired travel stationery. Save the dates, invitations, place cards, you name it! I wanted to include this to show you how well it can work and the deep blue accents here are great against the browns and greens of the maps. And check the maps lining the envelopes - travel themed stationery heaven!  Image - Magnolia Rouge

Above - pretty pretty pretty tags here. Love the pink map backing with the tag tucked into the plastic pocket. You could print anything you liked on those tags - save the dates, seating cards, ceremony information or invitations. The cord tie is a perfect finishing touch. Image - Martha Stewart

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  1. Where do you get the plastic pocket for the luggage tags?