Friday, 27 May 2011

Delicious Details - Shell Seating Cards

For lots of reasons at the moment, I'm thinking about beaches - warm, sunny, soft sandy beaches where I can walk with my feet in the water and my face in the sun. It's heaven. My son and I have shared some amazing times on the beach (in the summer and in the middle of winter too I must add!) and we're both always on the look out for interesting finds - the rocks with the most mussels attached, the biggest slicks of seaweed and the most beautiful shells. Just the memory of shell searches with an ice-cream in hand makes me smile...

And as well as being great on the beach, shells are also gorgeous at weddings. I love shells for seating cards - you can be elegant, bold, quirky or quite restrained. They're super easy to use, simple to source and incredibly effective. So you see, there's more to shells than the seaside...

Above - love these gorgeous shells being used for seating card stands. The pretty shells are all stood up (you can file them to make them stand straight if they're a bit wobbly) and then cut a little slit in the top to pop the card into. You might need to weight the shells down, especially if your seating card display is outside! Image - Events Essentials

Above - a slightly more colourful version of the above here with paint washed shells and beautifully coloured cards. The shells have been attached to the little discs to weight them down and the cards tucked in behind. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - a beautiful shell seating plan (and how perfect is the sea green fabric backing?) each card is tucked under a beautiful shell and there you go - it's not flashy, it's not complicated, it just works perfectly without the need to show off. You could use the same shell for everyone on the same table or just 'go random' - whatever works best for you. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - what a fabulous 'sandbox' seating plan! The guest has their name written onto a shell that's stood up in a box filled with sand and other seaside props. Love this. Image - The Knot

Above - another grouping of seating cards here with a mix of shells having cards tucked inside them. I like the mix of shells, it reminds me more of a beach and I like the sandy coloured tones of this arrangement too. It looks great and it's so attractive, perfect if you've had a destination wedding and returned for a party, if you're at a coastal venue or if you're just known for your love of the beach! Image - via This Next

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