Friday, 6 May 2011

Delicious Details - Striped Straws

I do just love the little details of weddings - you know, those tiny little things that add some personality to the day without being too complicated, too costly or too clever. It's all about the small things that just make people smile when they see them and the detail du jour is the humble stripy paper straw.

They are just such fun - they make drinks look celebratory and give us happy flashbacks to parties of the past. They're not trying to be uber cool, they're not expensive and my goodness, they are possibly the simplest thing ever to use - just pass a box to your caterer or venue and you're done. They combine wonderfully with Drinks Flags, Drinks Tables and Jar Glasses but of course, they look rather cute when they're unadorned in any glass! Easy to find on-line, UK readers can find them via Papermash or Pipii and of course, there's always eBay...

So come on, embrace the paper straw and get your guests smiling with a little dash of childlike joy...

Above - love the little tag here with the 'enjoy your drink in style' note, very sweet. I also love the idea here of combining straws and drinks stirrers in a jar for guests to pick their own. This would look good on a drinks table if you don't want to pop straws in glasses too early. Image - Artfire

Above - ahhhh, the classic red striped straw and the jar glass - what a perfect combination. Honestly, who would have thought a roll of paper and a jar could look so fab? Such a simple thing to put together, if you're scared of craft but want to do something, this could be it! Image - Clayton Austin

Above - more red stripy fabulousness here and these come with little flags attached to added personality. Love the grouping of the jars here, each filled with drinks accessories (sweet ribbon accessory around the strawberry jar too which is carrying on the colour theme of the flags too). Image - Dan Cutrona

Above - a more intricate straw decoration here with the layered, delicately detailed heart embellishments. You could do these yourself or simplify just by using a various sizes of heart shaped paper punches and cutting out shapes and threading them onto straws in any combination you like. Image - Happy Go Lucky Weddings

Above - totally love the bottle look here (again, you can find these on-line). Don't they remind you of school milk bottles?! But hurrah, these have got much more grown up drinks in them, perfect for wedding day fun. Your caterer/venue can fill up your bottles with your chosen tipple and that's another detail sorted! Image - Home Confetti

Above - how perfect is this retro look? Brightly coloured bottles of old fashioned drinks literally cry out for stripy straws! Cherryade, lemonade, even cola in glass bottles, all become special and fun with the addition of a simple drinking straw. Image - Meg Perotti

Above - more jars, more straws, more tags and more fab fun drinks. The thing here is that this great detail doesn't require much effort at all - you're probably already planning to have drinks so just add a couple of packs of straws to your list and you're done. Honestly, what's not to love? Image - Petitchef

Above - a pretty montage of stripy straw pics to end with. I think the grey stripes are surprisingly elegant and the little v-cut flags definitely add something as do the curvy glasses and pale colour drinks. Oooh, it's just so pretty. All drinks should come with striped paper straws from now on! Image - SWS Mag

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