Monday, 9 May 2011

Delicious Details - Ribbon Streamers

There are a few tricky things about weddings and getting an impressive confetti shot or an end-of-evening going-away pic with sparklers definitely fall into that category. Bubbles can leave slippy sticky puddles of mixture about the place and inevitably blow in the wrong direction at the wrong moment and they don't show up well in pics either. So, what can you do instead?

Ribbon streamers, ribbon wands, call them what you will - they might well be just what you're looking for. Easy to make yourself (there are plenty of instructions on-line), easy to use, easy to co-ordinate with your scheme and easy to photograph, they are almost the ideal wedding accessory. 

 Above - pretty rustic wedding streamers, just waiting for guests. These have been accessorised with the little twig knots on top but these are definitely optional if they don't fit with the look of your day. Streamers are so easy to personalist with colours and extra details, fabulous! Image - via Kaboodle

 Above - love this shot, such a great alternative to confetti or temperamental sparklers! Much easier to photograph and no problems with venue regulations or potential dangers either. Image - Love The Schultzes

 Above - ribbon streamers make a particularly good alternative for little bridesmaids as, let's face it, tinies are going to shake whatever you give them and streamers are certainly more robust than a traditional bouquet! Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - these are very luxurious streamers with wide bands of satin ribbon making a very grown up look. I love the label on the jar just explaining what needs to be done and when - whenever you're doing something guests might not have seen before, it definitely helps to give them some guidance. Image - Mary Jane Photography

Above - fab zesty lemon yellow streamers. Obviously the longer the ribbon you use on each streamer, the higher the cost will be so if you're on a budget, scale back the length of the ribbon to keep costs under the control. Make up for the shorter streamers by using zippier colours so there's no loss of impact. Image - Millie Holloman

Above - if you've spent he time to put together the streamers, spend a little extra time to present them beautifully too for added wow factor. These streamers in their cute white buckets stood on the coloured table linen is rather lovely presentation. Image - via Stardust Celebrations

Above - ribbons streamers all wrapped up and ready to go at a wedding. Wrapping them up like this stops the ribbon getting grubby or knotted before the big day, especially important if you're making them well in advance and need to store and transport them to your venue. Untangling tangled ribbon is not the way you want to spend your wedding morning! Image - Intimate Weddings

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