Monday, 23 May 2011

I Love... Decorated Votives

Now, for reasons that will become clearer over the coming weeks, I'm currently plotting and planning a rather special photoshoot. It is, and trust me when I say this, very special (don't worry, I'll be sharing all when the time is right!). And, as part of this, I'm testing out lots of ideas at the moment and a big favourite is still the humble votive. I know, I know, candles are hardly groundbreaking news when it comes to wedding decor but they're still so romantic, they're very flattering and, with a little creative ooomph, you can make them into something really rather special and totally personal.

So, today's little featurette is an ode of love to the ever-so under-rated decorated votive...

Above - The pretty little votives and matchboxes are favours but you could use the votives alone for decorations on tables and other nooks and crannies. Pretty paper, in any colour or pattern you like, is cut to size and then wrapped around the votive. To make the matchboxes, just cover the two long sides with more pretty paper and leave the striking sides uncovered. Image - Brides

Above - such sweet simplicity with these lace wrapped votives. The strip of lace, wrapped around, looks especially beautiful with the light glow dancing so prettily through the fabric. This is such an easy way to put some personality into a plain, cheap candle holder. Image - Good Housekeeping

Above - love these votives with their bark capes! The wafer thin sheets are glued/taped around the base of the votive to allow the top to stay loose and to help stop the delicate wafers of bars from tearing. The ribbon bow just soften this look. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - love this outdoorsy, green fingered look. The votives have leaves glued around them and then trimmed to give a flat and level top. The twine ties, burlap runner and wooden handled cutlery finish this natural scheme perfectly. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - I just adore these votives with the vintage book page wraps. Now I know I'd find tearing a book apart incredibly hard but at least it would be being used to create something else gorgeous. The book pages are folded to fit the votive (and to give nice sharp edges) and are then glued around. The ribbon embellishment is a great touch and it's a perfect way to include your colour scheme into the overall look. Image - Modern Countrystyle

Above - these votives have been transformed into softly contoured skeins of twine by yes, you've guessed it, wrapping twine around them. The twine is wrapped haphazardly to create interesting lumps and bumps to the finished item and to allow the light the shine through at different intensities. Again, you could use coloured twines and cottons if you wish. Image - My Wedding

Above - more wonderful use of old manuscripts and this time, they're musical scores. I just thin this is fabulous. It would be great if you used scores that meant something to you both - adding personality doesn't need to be overt. Image - via Pinterest

Above - now, I know you know how much I like doilies so I couldn't resist this! Here, doilies have been placed over an inflated balloon or bowl and then sprayed with fabric stiffener so they hold their nice new rounded shape. Then give them a spritz with some flame resistant spray for extra safety and pop your glass votive inside, light the candle and admire your handiwork. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - oooooh, how pretty! And what a great use for a cakestand! Cover it with votives and create the most gorgeous effect on your table. The place markers are personalised votives, easy to make yourself if you just print guest's names on vellum, wrap it around the votive and secure. Totally adorable and incredibly easy! Image - Weddings By Color


  1. Wow! I love the last picture - will definitely have to try that :-)


  2. Hi Gill - yes, that's one's definitely on my 'try' list too, I think it looks stunning. Tamryn x