Monday, 2 May 2011

I Love... Succulents

I have a soft spot for things that are a little bit different or a little bit quirky. I'm not into being different for the sake of it or trying to be different in an effort to appear cool or to shock but subtle little details, dropped into more usual elements can be totally brilliant and much more effective.

So right now, I'm loving succulents. These beautifully coloured plants have amazing shapes and textures and certainly add some wow factor to bouquets, table centres and other decorations. Also, you can buy them at your local garden centre which makes them great for the DIY bride and their hardy nature means you don't have to to be as careful about preparing them as you do with flowers. Longer lasting than flowers, they make great take home gifts and you can keep parts of your bouquet for years.

But before I start to sound too much like some kind of evangelical succulent saleswoman, let's get on with the pics so you can see for yourself...

Above - what a beautifully coloured and fabulously textured bouquet this is. The shapes are so unusual and yet the bouquet itself looks so traditional - this is definitely something that would be getting second looks all day long and quite right too. Image - Brandon Kidd

Above - sweet succulent buttonholes waiting in their box. These buttonholes won't be wilting by the end of the day and the chaps might be more happy with something a little more manly than the traditional floral accessory! Image - Dog n Bird on Tumblr

Above - you all know my love of seating cards instead of the more traditional table plan and these are just great. Rows of mini succulents in their tins with luggage tags on sticks telling guests where to sit. Perfect as easy care, long lasting gifts for even the least green fingered of guests! Image - Favor Craver

Above - this rose-like succulent in it's simple white bowl makes a great place marker. It's elegant, it's easy DIY, it's something different and the sage green combination of succulent and napkin puts some wonderfully elegant colour on this table. See, you can do elegant and different together! Image - Flickriver

Above - I couldn't ignore this pic when there are just so many things in it I love - the pretty and unusual dress, the fabric drape creating a wedding day photo studio, the relaxed vibe of the bride and that show-stopping bouquet. It mixes traditional bridal flowers with some unusual succulents in a really clever and understated way. It's all fabulous. Image - Katherine O'Brien

Above - these zesty green succulents are a perfect foil for the delicate white and yellow tones in this bouquet. It's packed full of texture in contrasts but you only notice the unusual additions when you look carefully. Perfect if you want the traditional bridal look but fancy some added personality too. Image - Sharon Cunningham

Above - love the retro vibe in this set of images but the silver/green succulent adds a little edge to the proceedings. I think the mix of colours in this bouquet is really stunning and all those different shapes are just great. Succulents just work with every style as long as you keep things subtle. Image - Sylvie Gil

Above - how stunning is this bouquet? succulents, feathers, Protea, eucalyptus and fern like flowers all mixed together and yet it works and still looks delicate and feminine. The image on the right is this bride's 'potted wedding history' - succulents from her bouquet and other decorations re-potted into something to keep for years. Image - The Knot

Above - well, if you can use flowers to decorate a cake, you can certainly use succulents too! Another traditional yet quirky look that I so so like. You don't have to shout to make a statement, you can do it and still be elegant at the same time. Image - via Yes Bride

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