Thursday, 5 May 2011

In The Mood - Orange Inspiration

I think it might be the super-sunny days we're having at the moment and my love of happy bright colours but I'm thinking orange is a good wedding colour right now. It's probably not one of the most obvious choices - I think we can all be a little scared of something being too bright or too hard to co-ordinate with but really, orange is not that tricky to integrate into you day and the impact it has is huge!

You can stop orange being too full-on by not using the same tone throughout - mix a bit of vibrant orange with more lighter shades or use small amounts of bright orange with more whites and neutrals. Of course, if you're feeling brave, think orange and pink for a hot-popping colour scheme that's packed with personality. But remember there's more to orange than bright highlighter style colours, it can be softer and almost peachy in places. You don't have to go bright to get the juicy goodness of orange in your wedding.

So, here are some ideas for adorable orange colour schemes and I hope they make you smile with their fabulous fruitiness...

Above - I know I'm coming across as ever so slightly cake-obsessed, especially after my post on Dessert Tables but I do love them as a more substantial evolution of the sweetie buffet. This orange toned table is gorgeous. The beautiful coloured linen, the white plates and stands that lighten the whole look and the fab colours of the cakes and treats on the table - all co-ordinating and looking totally yum. Image - Adrianne Bonafede

Above - adore this natural and unstructured bouquet. The green and white tones look so fresh with the oranges and the uncovered stems and wrap of ribbon stop the orange from dominating.  Image - Leah McCormick

Above - ahhhh, pretty candles. What I like about these particularly is that the frosted holders just tone down the bright colours within. You could achieve something similar yourself by wrapping tissue paper around clear glass holders. Image - Martha Stewart
Above - I know I have a bit of a 'thing' for stationery but what I like here is the mix of a traditional letterpress style with the bright orange print. The orange is so zesty but the white background and clean design stop it fro being overpowering. Just fabulous and certainly gives a real hint about what's to come... Image - Mr Boddington

Above - now I wanted to show you this as I know a lot of you liked the 'under glass' arrangements in my earlier Cloche Centrepieces post. Here, a simple bloom is tucked under an upturned wine glass with  a paper scroll place marker. Clever and simple and definitely eyecatching for the colours and the upside-down glass. A great way to bring colour down from flower arrangements and onto the table without it being OTT. Image - On Sugar

Above - love the zippy colour tie here (and I love it's a tie - I'm kind of over awkward looking cravats) and the perky orange dahlia is gorgeous. Such a simple buttonhole but the pretty petals, the texture and the size make it perfect without any interference. Image - via Pinterest

Above - Easy orange seating cards. Here, little envelopes containing seating details are just pinned onto oranges which are lined up in a greenery filled tray. This is such simple wedding DIY and it looks great.  Image - The Knot

Above - I am such a sucker for coloured shoes under traditional gowns and I love these pretty orange peep-toes. So easy to perfectly colour match your shoes to any theme when companies like Rainbow Club provide the most wonderful dying service. Go for it - and you're more likely to use them afterwards too!) Image - Sweet Monday Photography

Above - this image makes me smile for lots of reasons. Those little bridesmaids dresses are so sweet - colourful, pretty, girlie and way more practical than floor length all-ivory numbers that can be tripped over and dirtied before you even make it to the ceremony. Love the little pails they're carrying instead of bouquets and of course, the dog with the orange ribbon is a bit of a show-stealer, even if he's totally non-plussed by the whole event! Image - Tiffany Aicklen

Above - I think as well as everything else, I'm now in love with white chairs like this and I know they got a few mentions in yesterday's I Love... Long Tables post too. I just think they're so light, bright and clean and these simple orange chair decorations bring them totally to life. Once the ceremony has finished, ask someone to remove these little bunches of flowery gorgeousness from the chairs and pop them in jam jar size vases and use them to decorate other spots around your reception. Image - via Classy Wedding Ideas

Above - this is a great way to bring your colour scheme into the reception with fruity orange punch complete with big sunny orange slices and pretty glass decorations. It is all in the detail so don't just forget about your drinks once you've ordered them with your venue or caterer, make them special because guests really notice even the smallest detail when it's related to food & drink! Image - via Oncewed

Above - another beautiful bouquet to finish this piece on and again, the tones here are just stunning. Love the mix of flowers and those beautiful ribbons. Oooooh, it's just gorgeous... Image - via Shibawi

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