Thursday, 19 May 2011

I Love... Paper Hearts

I probably should have re-named this week 'Eco Week' on the blog because so far, we've had all manner of recyclable, reusable & remakeable goodies featured and today's the turn of another 'good' decorative detail - the paper heart. Now I love these - they're beautiful & delicate, meaningful & fun and you can get fabulously creative about the materials that you use for your paper hearts based on your theme. Paper is relatively cheap and once the day's over, if you've got decorations left that you don't want to keep, kiss goodbye to them in the recycling so they'll do a bit of good even after they've been used. Perfect!

So, recapture your youth with a little bit of school style action with the paper, glue & scissors and in less time than it takes to say "please Miss, the dog ate my homework", you'll have something that will send you straight to the top of the class in wedding decoration...

 Above - ooooh, I just adore this look (I have to admit that wood centrepieces of some of my very favourite styling props at the moment). It's just so simple and easy to put together. The paper quilled heart just rests against the table number as a great detail. To carry this through, you could rest more hearts at each place setting. Image - via Chumsy Ashley

 Above - another fab prop for a wedding day photo shoot - a simple garland of paper hearts. All you need do is cut out hearts from whatever paper you like and thread them on to ribbon or string. You can use these wherever you like but as you can see, they're great for pics! Image - Jessica Claire Photography

 Above - paper hearts make little favour packages all the sweeter! The paper wraps have half a heart cut and then the flap is folded back to make a 3d heart affect that's really rather lovely. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - more of the big quilled paper hearts, here strung individually on a garland. You can find instructions to make these on-line of you can buy them ready to go from the super-talented Bookity on Etsy Image - Bookity/Etsy

 Above - paper hearts as little fold-out menus are such a cute detail. The menu is printed on the paper, cut into heart shapes and glued into larger hearts that are 'hinged' around the bulge of the heart. Easy, effective and you could add the guest's name to the front so they double as place markers too. Image - Oh Crafts

 Above - now this really is a 'too cool for school' detail. Do you remember doing weaving with strips of paper? Mumbling 'over, under, over, under' to yourself as you threaded multi coloured strips together? Well, if you could do it when you were seven, you can certainly do it now, albeit with thinner, prettier strips of paper and turn your wondrous weaving into gorgeous hanging hearts. Image - Paper Source

 Above - fabulous seating cards! These hearts have been cut out, snipped from point to centre then glued to form a slight 3d effect. The guest's names are written on (love the white pen, so much more delicate than a harsh black) and then they're simply scattered on a seating card table. Word of advice here - don't use these outside or on a table where there's a draft as they're liable to blow around if it's breezy! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - totally gorgeous hanging quilled hearts. You can find instructions on-line but essentially, it's a case of rolling and pinching the paper to make the shape you want. For large scale garlands, use wide bands of thick card and thread them from invisible thread for a great 'floating' look. Alternatively, for smaller details, thinner strips will make more delicate hearts. Image - See Inspiration


  1. Tamryn, some of these ideas that you find/come up with are amazing. Im always checking your blog for new ideas for my wedding. The "floating" hearts above will certainly be making an appearance, Im heading to my dads now to borrow his fishing wire haha. I Might use them with some home made Jam jar lanterns in the trees leading up to my venue. Like I said, amazing <3, Karen x

  2. Hi Karen - thanks so much for your comment, that really made me smile. So pleased you've picked up some ideas (although your Dad might not be so happy when you steal his fishing wire!) Thanks again, Tamryn x