Sunday, 15 May 2011

I Love... Wide Brimmed Bridal Hats

I can't believe how quickly we're rushing through May and then, come June, it's officially summer. Flicking through my diary, I can see that there are lots of summer events - festivals, cricket matches, trips, picnics, parties, a regatta and some horse racing - all needing a bit of wardrobe consideration. For me, a summer essential is a glam wide brimmed hat. They keep me cool, they look rather fab and they're certainly stand-out.

So, today's 'I Love...' feature is all about the wide brimmed hat and how stunning they can be for brides. The trick is either to have sheer layers so you're still visible for pics or have a brim that curves or turns up in all the right places to make photography easier. 

And now, without further ado - bring on the wide brimmed hats...

 Above - I love this look, the openness of the brim gives you a great 'veil' look but with the wow factor of an unexpected 'big hat' look. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - Oscar de la Renta is totally rocking the wide brimmed hat here. The model is channeling a bit of a 'Truly Scrumptious' look a la Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the big hat and diaphanous wrap holding it on. Totally retro and it looks great with the lace gloves too.  Image - via You & Your Wedding

 Above - this is a great 'fresh from the beach' look that would be absolutely ideal for a destination wedding when sunburn is not the wedding memory you want.  Image - Martha Stewart

Above - more beauty from Oscar de la Renta and once I can tear my eyes away from that gorgeous gown, I can give all my attention to that gorgeous straw hat. So stunning and so attention grabbing. Of course, if you wanted a more traditional headpiece for the ceremony, there's nothing to stop you donning a hat for the reception, especially if it's outside. Image - Oscar de la Renta

Above - just love the image. If you're going for a laid back vibe, this is the look to go for - loose hair, unstructured hat with a touch of 'kiss me' lip colour because, after all, you are the bride! Image - via Spearmint Wedding

Above - this is the uber glam version of the big brimmed look - statement hat with a little veil so you get the best of both world. Here, the structured brim would keep your face free for photos whilst the veil and beautifully made-up eyes combination is a little bit demure and a little bit sexy all at the same time. Love it! Image - via Advantage Bridal

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  1. Great selection you got here! I also love wide brimmed hat but I didnt know that this would also look great on brides!