Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Delicious Details - Tin Cans

Hmmm, do wedding ideas come any better than those that involve a little bit of diy, cost next to nothing and have excellent eco credentials? Not to me anyway so tin cans are really rather brilliant for weddings. Paint them, accessorise them, leave them plain, hang them up, light them up or fill them up - it's all possible with the humble used tin.

My tips for using tin cans are to wash them carefully and file away any rough or jagged metal around the top. Start saving your empty cans well in advance and as with any craft project, give yourself longer to complete than you think you'll need because you really don't need DIY induced stress! Have a look on-line for instructions for these projects, work out what you'll need and be prepared to have a few trial runs.

But now, with my words of wisdom ringing in your ears, here are some tip-top tin can ideas...

Above - love these punched & painted can lanterns (can-terns? tin-terns?) You can paint them with a 'normal' matt paint or an enamel for a more shiny look. There are various ways of punching the holes and there are plenty of instructions on-line the the one that requires the least equipment is to fill them with water, freeze it and then use a nail & a hammer to punch the holes before letting the ice melt & pouring it away. If you want to go for a pattern, print the pattern onto paper and tape it over the can then follow the shape as required. Image - Country Living

Above - this is definitely a project for the more DIY inclined but it's worth the effort. You can either make the wooden frame or find some large old frames at a local reclamation yard. Attach tins to either end of lengths of cord or ribbon, fill them with flowers and hang them over the frames. Such a clever idea. Image - Elizabeth Anne Designs

Above - here, the punched lanterns we saw earlier have had wire loops attached so that they can be hung from trees or anything else that's suitable around your venue. Less likely to go soggy than bag lanterns and easy to paint for a more vibrant look. Image - Gardeners World

Above - if you're going for a more vintage look, there can't be many things better than use vintage tins for lanterns. Again, the wire loops mean they can be hung as required or you could keep them au-naturel and use them instead of glass votives to line paths, stairs, windowsills or even on tables. Image - Remakeable

Above - these tins are being used as rather favour holders! The little plants are popped inside, the tags are tied on with string and the patterned paper flowers give a burst of colour that sits fabulously against the green of the plant. You could use the same idea for favour/seating card combinations - they'd look great all arranged on a table. Image - via Pinterest

Above - love this idea because it's so transferable. Think of these tins hanging by the entrance to your venue or even as pew ends or even large 'arrangements' of them suspended from corners in a marquee. Image - Thrifty Fun

Above - this is another simple idea for a really natural look. Painted tins with potted plants inside them. Groups of these on tables, lining an aisle or as favours would be brilliant (especially if you grew them yourself!) Image - UK Handmade

Above - what a great lantern table number! The number is made up from lots of punched holes and the painted interior of the can gives a really gorgeous look, especially with the silver exterior. Love this! Image - via Ecosnobberysucks

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