Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Delicious Details - Butcher's Twine/Divine Twine

I stumble across things in the most random ways some times and I started getting interested in butcher's twine whilst trying to find somewhere to buy twine to truss up a salmon. Then I got thinking and hunting for things and the found the delightfully named Divine Twine, beautifully coloured twine and that literally made for wedding details.

It's so easy to use, it can be added to almost anything, it's a bit quirky, it adds colour in a very delicate way and although a big skein of twine can seem a bit pricey, it goes a long way. Twine really is a fab detail and here are some ways to get it working for you...

Above - the original 'divine twine' in all its glory! I just love the colours and now it's available in the UK on Not The High Street - hurrah! So many fabulous ways to use it if you can stand to unravel it! Image - NOTHS

 Above - cute seating card badges with a loop of co-ordinating butcher's twine attached. These remind me of racecourse enclosure badges and no doubt guests will be attaching these to themselves which will make those awkward introductions a little easier! Image - EyeSpy Photography

Above - sweet little bundles of favour cookies with card tags are all wrapped in butcher's twine. Boxes, bags, bottles, anything would benefit from a some coloured twine and it's a fab way to bring your colour scheme onto things without it being too overpowering. Image - via Frills & Frolic

 Above - now regular readers will know from previous posts that I'm a fan of cutlery bundles. If you're not going for something super formal, they add to the laid back air and they're a bit different - no ranks of cutlery oozing across the table top! Here, the bundle is just held together with a knot of twine. Simple but so effective. Image - Kristin Rogers

Above - twine looks great wrapped around invitations and stationery for a quirky slightly old fashioned parcel vibe. Here, the classic red & white twine is knotted around a save the date card but it works just as well with invitation packs and it's something you can add yourself even if you're ordering your stationery from elsewhere. Image - Oh So Beautiful Paper

Above - and you can also use twine on your wedding day stationery too. These orders of ceremony have the twine around their bindings which again adds a bit of zip and contrast. This is also very handy if you're making your own programs and are struggling to staple or glue pages together - just knot some twine! Image - via Snippet & Ink

Above - an interesting idea here, particularly if you want to cover up wine bottle labels and insulate them too! The twine has been wrapped around the bottle and I have to say, I like this. I'm not a fan of tables being crowded with bottle of every variety at the best of times but if you have to do it, you can at least make them look as though they're part of the table design and not just an afterthought. Image - Stacy Able

Above - these twists of twine make gifts wrapped in plain tissue paper that bit more exciting. Another plus about twine is that you're never going to be able to tie perfect pretty 'sit up' bows so there's no need to even try - just go for good old fashioned 'shoe lace' bows and you'll be just fine! Image - Thimbleanna

Above - again, if you've been checking out the blog for a while, you'll know about my love of jams and chutneys as favours and I think this looks great. Love the combination of the yellow preserve and the blue labels and twine with the natural fabric tops. It's a great look and easy DIY. Image - Tumblr

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