Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Oxfam Bridal Shoot - A First Look...

A few weeks ago, two very special couples became models for the day. Both are doing something very special with their weddings - they're both having Oxfam Unwrapped wedding gift lists. So, when it was decided to do a shoot full of pre-loved gowns and accessories, all available from Oxfam Bridal, who else would be asked first?

Later this week, I'll be sharing more of these fabulous images, the couple's stories and more details about the amazing ways that Oxfam Weddings can transform not only your wedding but the lives of people right across the globe.  However, I love this one particular shot so thought this was worthy of a bit of attention now...

For more information about Oxfam Unwrapped (the gift list), Oxfam Bridal, the brand new range of favours gifts, vintage accessories and more, take a look at the website -

Photography courtesy of Magnolia Images - thanks so much for being involved with the day.

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