Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I Love... Cloche Centrepieces

Today, when I tell you I love these cloche centrepieces, believe me because I really love them. I am enjoying a huge love affair with gorgeous glassware as it is so cloche centrepieces are totally pushing all my design buttons right now. As you can see from the images below, instead of being used as a container for flowers and decorations, the cloche is placed over the centrepiece and I love this. To me, it seems that the glass is protecting the beautiful details and also highlighting them as being extra special. It's also a quirky and unusual idea that will get guests talking.

Your florist would be able to help you find cloches to use or you could use upturned hurricane lanterns or, for smaller details, drinks glasses as you'll see below. A cloche display would look great on a guest book, seating card or dessert table - you could put photos underneath or items that represent you as a couple or stick with flowers, it's up to you. But I'd encourage you to get creative with cloches - you can tuck anything underneath them so play around and put together something truly unique. 

Above - oooh, everything about this image makes me so so happy. I love the elegant colours, I love the wooden details, I love the ribbon wrapped napkins and the perfectly set table (no creases - hurrah!) and those cloche centrepieces interspersed along the length of the table are great. The little 'nest' and 'birds' are so delicate and the calligraphied table name cards are beautiful. The cloche is a great way to protect potentially fly away items (like the card) when you're outside because it's safe from being blown around under that glass. Image - Camille Styles

Above - yes, I know this is more of an Easter cloche than a wedding one but I wanted to illustrate my point of how easy it is to create little personal displays that would work on a guest book table for example. The little black & white family photo here is what caught my eye - I can see this as a great way to show off old family wedding photos. Love how the cloche is set on a little cake stand and that trailing ribbon is fab too. Image - Cupcakes & Crinoline

Above - I just had to show you this too because the way the candle light is reflecting on that cloche centrepiece (love the ribboned table name tag too) is just beautiful. Something like this would give a really different 'look' to an evening reception. After dinner and when the tables have been cleared, add the candles and change the atmosphere... Image - via Flickr

Above - I admit that overall, this look is a little too 'busy' for me but I still like the way the pinecones have been used across this table to give a really complete look. Under the cloche, in arrangements and on place settings. If you're cutting costs or if you need to use your floral budget elsewhere, something like this, using non-floral decorations, could really  work. Image - Dining Delight

Above - oooh, another image that makes me go a little gooey. I love this natural plant inspired look and those wooden centrepiece bases are fabulous. The delicate plant under the cloche is gorgeous and the plans along the table combined with the natural table runner and simple place settings are an absolute winner for me. The tags around the napkins, tied with garden twine, are a great touch. Image - via Love Olio

Above - such a sweet alternative to the big cloch centrepieces! Here wine glasses have simply been turned upside down, a flower head popped underneath and a candle is placed on the upturned base of the glass. It looks cute and colourful in the daylight, you can imagine how beautiful that would look as the sun goes down and those candles are lit... Image - via Love Olio

Above - another quirky cloche centrepiece. Simple wrapped & ribboned items are underneath the glass here and it's a great way to continue your colour scheme if you don't want to use flowers. Of course, little books or any other pretty prop could be the focus of your cloche centrepiece (how about baubles near Christmas or even cakes, cupcakes, macarons and other delicacies?) Image - Martha Stewart

Above - another lovely table settings and here I really like the mix-and-match look of this pretty floral grouping. The plant under the cloche bears the table name card and the other arrangements are wider and taller to give a great effect. The little plant in it's terracotta pot that's current under the cloche would be a perfect 'end of evening' gift to a guest. Image - Tricia Fountaine

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