Monday, 11 April 2011

I Love... Fabric Stationery

 Above - how happy would you be if this gorgeous envelope landed on your doormat? Straight away, it feels incredibly special and before your guest has even opened it, they're smiling, expectant and thinking "my goodness, this is going to be some wedding!" and you've hit the styling jackpot straight away. Image - Art at Heart

 Above - I love the French vibe of these fabric invitations. The font is perfect and the invitations are printed onto fabric then tucked into decorative fabric pockets. Totally gorgeous. You could achieve the same look without printing on the fabric buy tucking card invitations into fabric pockets that you can easily make yourself. Then use the same pockets style for seating cards, menus and orders of ceremony on the day. Image - Bird & Banner

 Above - and is if to prove my point, here the stylish letterpress invitations are slipped into mix-and-match fabric pockets. This mismatched look is great (and means you can pick up some bargains with fabric remnants!) Image - Edyta Szyszlo

 Above - I love the cute seersucker fabric here and the addition of that peachy tag is just gorgeous. Such a creative way to bring in your wedding motif and it's a great personal detail. Love the rough edges of the fabric pockets here - no need to hem this and it looks wonderfully natural. Great detailing. Image - Orange Blossom Ink
 Above - this whole stationery set pushes all my buttons. The twine, the wax seal, the vintage styling and of course, those fabulous fabric invitations. The scalloped edges of the fabric is such a soft and feminine touch and the embroidered flower hints at the style of the coming event. Stationery to make you smile! Image - via Pinterest

 Above - another fabulous stationery set with the printed details, the tag and the twine, it's altogether gorgeous. Inks & rubber stamps would allow you to print your own fabric stationery and you can easily add shapes and swirls. Image - Shelz Studio

Above - this fabric cover is really rather beautiful. The fabric has been folded and the invitation card has been sewn into the fold of the cover - the invitation becomes a gorgeous book that's the start of the story of the rest of your life... Image - Slip Slip Knit

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