Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding - My Pick Of Potential Trends

It was perfect. I think those three words sum up William & Kate's wedding - the weather was kind, the crowds were fabulous, the outfits were stunning, William looked dashing and as for Kate, wow. How radiant and beautiful was she? I spent the day with some fellow wedding industry professionals and we all, without exception, adored Kate's gown.

And being wedding professionals, we were all on the look out for the trends that might spin off into the wider world from this historic event and there were plenty to discuss. One thing we were all wondering is whether this Royal Wedding, the elegance, the simple beauty and the fabulous traditional details with personal twists, will be the 'beginning of the end' for the shabby chic wedding? We've been without a wedding style icon for decades now - do we have a new one?

But, there are plenty of other things we can take from the day so here are my top picks for the things we might be seeing very soon....

 Above - box pleats, the coat dress, the gloves and the nude shoes. It's all fabulous. Box pleats were much in evidence today and they're great - they give movement without adding too much volume in areas we'd probably all like to keep as slim looking as possible. Camilla's wearing a gorgeous Philip Treacy hat here and hats were definitely big news at the wedding. More hats than fascinators too... The nude Jimmy Choos are great and I think I've fallen in love with white gloves after today. Utter elegance.

 Above - I loved the look inside Westminster Abbey with the tree lined aisle and I love that the trees will be replanted at Highgrove, such a sweet twist. Of course, you need a soaring skyline to get away with such huge trees but this is a look you could easily adapt for lower ceilings then how about giving the trees to parents as gifts?

 Above - oooooh, the gown. It's just stunning but I love the sleeves most of all. They're so feminine and elegant. Let's be fair, how many of us are totally happy with the tops of our arms? I've heard so many brides worrying how less-than-perfectly toned upper arms will look in sleeveless gowns and I think we've all seen brides squeezed into strapless gowns with a little too much flesh oozing over the top of the gown which will ruin the look of even the most perfect dress. So sleeves deserve to be big news. Image - Zak Hussein/

 Above - Pippa Middleton is the best bridesmaid. She was always there to arrange Kate's dress, she looked after the younger bridesmaids perfectly, she was beautiful and she worked really hard, truly supporting Kate, not just being window dressing. I think now might be the time to cut down on the numbers of volume and go for one amazing bridesmaid who is your 'best woman' on the day you need her most. As as aside - did you notice Pippa didn't have a bouquet? Sensible when you need both hands to deal with mini-maids and trains! Image - Getty

 Above - when Pantone announced their autumn colour picks, Zara Phillips must have punched the air as their  'Quarry' colour is caught perfectly in this bespoke Paul Costelloe outfit. She looks stunning and again, the perfect outfit is topped off with a fantastic hat (and a 'proper' hat, not a fascinator!) Image - Getty

 Above - well, who'd have thought we would have seen bridesmaids, big and small, in white gowns? It takes a brave bride who sends a gorgeous girl like Pippa Middleton to the church in a stunning white dress but how it paid off. I'm also loving the hair down vibe of the whole wedding - let's leave the heavily hairsprayed up-dos behind now girls and get a bit more natural. The flowers in the hair are a great touch too. I think I might love Pippa Middleton. The woman is the best bridesmaid ever.

Above - when Kate & William emerged in 'the car', everyone I was watching with whooped and clapped! It's just a genius touch. Now of course, we can't all drive our Father's vintage Aston Martin while our friends hover overhead in an RAF helicopter but we can revive the 'going away' - instead of hanging on to the bitter end, let's leave on a high and make a real impact. Head off, soak up the love of your guests (unless you've got a crowd-lined Mall) and get some private time on a crazy day. Adored the kitsch decorations too - I'm having visions of Harry & Pippa tying on the balloons and I love that! Image - Getty


  1. I thought that they used the car because Kate is was not Royalty before the wedding, so traditionally wasn't allowed to use the carriage. Of course after the wedding she could. But it was still great they they used the car and that William was driving. So personal and humble.
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  2. I really did love Kate's dress, it wasn't too puffy and it was just so classy!