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How To... Be Organised AFTER Your Wedding

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So, you’ve planned the perfect day, you’ve married your man, you’re home from your heavenly honeymoon and it’s time to relax?  Wrong!  There are still things to be done to ‘tidy up’ after the day.  Here’s a guide on how to be organised after the day and ways you can get a head start on that post-wedding planning…
1. When you meet with your photographer before the wedding to discuss the day and the shots you’d like, make an appointment to visit them again to view or collect your proofs.  This gives you something to look forward to on your return from honeymoon and saves you calling around to make more arrangements when you get back.  It’s also worth asking how long it will take them to make up the finished album after you’ve confirmed your choice of photographs.  Some photographers will even upload a few images to their website so you can view them from your honeymoon destination!

2. If you’re going to be sending cake to people, buy the boxes and write the address labels before the day.  You can then leave them with someone who can send the cake on to the recipients while you’re on honeymoon.  People get nice fresh cake in good time after the wedding and it’s another thing you won’t have to do when you get back.

3. Buy all your thank you cards before the wedding too.  Most high street stores have a good range of multipacks or you can order sets to match your other wedding stationery.  Set yourself a deadline by which you want to have sent them all, even promise yourself a treat when they’re all done if that will help.  Try and personalise them a little, maybe mention the specific gift or talk about something that happened on the day but don’t worry about writing too much – short, sweet and swift is a good rule here.

4  Put together a list of all those who’ll need to be informed about your marriage such as your employer, bank, mortgage company, utilities suppliers, insurers etc.  Gather all the relevant details (addresses, reference numbers or even ‘change of details’ forms) and check what they require from you to effect the change.  Banks and the like will often need sight of your marriage certificate while others, such as mobile phone providers, will be happy with a suitable letters.  

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5  If you’re thinking of storing your wedding dress afterwards, you’ll certainly need a suitably sized box (complete with acid free tissue paper to avoid discolouration) so you can pack it carefully aware.  Another thing you may like to think about is professional cleaning for your gown as most will be marked in some way.  You could even give your dress to someone to take to the cleaners while you’re on honeymoon so any stains or marks can be dealt with sooner rather than later.

6  Have you hired formal wear for the men in the party?  Don’t forget to arrange for someone to return all hired suits, shirts, ties and waistcoats etc back to the hire company when you’re on honeymoon.  You don’t want to come back home to a big ‘late return’ bill!

7.  Damager waivers and other refundable deposits are becoming very popular with venues.  If your venue included anything like this in your bill, get in touch with them to get the cash back.  A quick phone call or e-mail should be enough but it’s worth doing sooner rather than later.

8. If you’re saving the top tier of your cake for future celebrations, get it wrapped and frozen as soon as possible to stop it drying out too much.  Ask your cake maker for their advice and for instructions about storage as you may have to remove icing and marzipan.  Sugar flowers and other decorations can be stored as keepsakes as well but again, check out the best way to preserve them – sugar flowers ‘sweat’ and break down over time if stored in airtight boxes so they’re best in cardboard boxes which keep them out of the light but allow them to ‘breathe’.

9 Before you turn off your pc and tidy your desk and begin your ‘wedding leave’, send an e-mail to your HR department so they can change any documents, contracts or technical settings while you’re away.  If you’re going to be changing your name and so changing your e-mail address, put together a list of all clients & colleagues who’ll need to know.  Set up a distribution list and send one mass e-mail when you return so everyone is informed as soon as possible.

10 Think about buying a keepsake box.  These are a great way to keep all your cards and other wedding day items safe.  You could include a copy of your menu, place cards, a favour, a champagne cork, an order of service/ceremony and don’t forget your guestbook and all those lovely cards!

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11 Take time to read your guest book.  I can almost guarantee that you’ll be surprised at some of the thoughtful and funny messages that will have been written for you both.  Make a cup of tea and sit down for a few minutes – it might be worth grabbing a hankie too if you’re feeling emotional!

12 If you were happy with your suppliers, get in touch with them and let them know!  There’s nothing nicer than receiving a card, e-mail or phone call from happy clients and if you’d be willing to act as a reference client or provide a testimonial for them to use on their website or other marketing material, it’ll be much appreciated.

13 If you were driven, either by chauffeur or a friend, to the airport before you jet off on honeymoon, make arrangements for someone to collect you too!  Leave behind your flight number, landing time and terminal details if applicable so you’re not left waiting in the arrivals area for too long!

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14 Take your photos everywhere with you or get them on-line so you can lap up all the lovely comments!  Another good idea is to take a journal style book on honeymoon with you and both write down your memories of the day while everything is still ‘fresh’.

15 Lots of brides feel ‘down’ or ‘a bit lost’ after the wedding when the initial buzz from photos, cards and comments is over.  To try and avoid or minimise this, plan things to do when you get back from honeymoon to avoid ‘Post Wedding Blues’.  Ask some friends over for dinner, arrange a trip to see you family or plan a romantic evening for the two of you.  Keep yourself busy and remember that although your wedding might be over, your marriage is only just starting.

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