Friday, 8 April 2011

I Love... Vintage Suitcases

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about my love for vintage books as decorative props and judging by the numbers of you that had a look at that piece, you all have a soft spot for interesting props too. So, I thought you might like a little feature about another great wedding accessory - the vintage suitcase.

These are just wonderful - they are practical (they're a great wedding day storage for cards & gifts), they're interesting and unusual, they're easy to set up, they can fill a spot, they're easy to accessorise and they can work wonderfully with a whole range of colour schemes and themes.

So, ladies & gentlemen, I give you - the vintage suitcase in some of its very best roles...

Above - here we have the vintage case as a card collection point. So easy to set up - cut the letters you need from card and peg onto the inside of the case or onto some ribbon. This table looks extra special with the addition of the flowers and the oh-so pretty table cloth but this is still a doddle of a display to prepare. Then, at the end of the day, just close the case and keep those cards safe until you've got time to open them. Image - Ruffled

 Above - and now we see the vintage case as a rather fabulous guest book station. I love those chunky letter blocks and the gorgeous garden look of those vintage seed packet postcards that are being used for guests to leave their good wishes on. Again, everything is kept together and there's still plenty of room on that table for guests to lean on when they're writing. Gorgeous, practical and so so easy to set up.  Image - via Hitched

 Above - this vintage case is on seating card duty and isn't it doing well? Here, the case has a styrofoam block in the base which has been covered with shredded tissue paper. The seating cards are clipped onto wires which are then poked into the foam so they stand up. Loving the travel theme here with the destination stickers in the suitcase's lid and the postcard look of the seating cards themselves. You could easily adapt this to suit your theme or colours but again, such an easy yet effective idea. Image - I Do Inspiration

Above - the vintage case is now working it as a favour and order of ceremony/program station and I love it! All those cookie favours are piled up in the case with the programs tucked to the side. I'm sure there's a sign just out  of sight telling guests to help themselves too. How sweet is those lace ties on the favour packages? Very very. Image - Kate Headley

 Above - proof that the vintage case can be a gorgeous detail even when it's not being used practically! I love this set-up - the stack of cases, the books, the flowers, the tea cup and those gorgeous hearts. A look like this would be great at the entrance to a marquee to set the scene or even as as a backdrop for a wedding day photo booth (can just see a guest sat perched on the cases pretending to drink tea in a very prim 40s way!) Get creative with cases, they work in so many ways! Image - My Vintage Party

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