Thursday, 28 April 2011

Delicious Details - Fruity Favours

I'm all about fruit at the moment - I have strawberries in my fridge all ready to dip in chocolate, I have raspberries waiting to make Ruth Clemens' Sherbet Raspberry Marshmallows to take to the Royal Wedding party I'm off to tomorrow, I have lemons tucked away for slicing into drinks and I've got blueberries to drop into morning yoghurt. Fruit just says summer & sunny days to me - it's a natural dose of goodness and the colours are so beautiful.

Fruit makes great favours for lots of reasons - it can be quite economical, it's healthy, it's a little unusual and it's easy to 'jazz up' with some clever packaging. So even if you used to roll your eyes when your Mum tried to get you to eat up your apples, don't be so quick to dismiss fruity favours...

 Above - love these simple zesty favours - lemons wrapped in paper, tied with twine and finished with a little sprig of lavender. How about including a recipe for lemonade along with this package too? Image - A Subtle Revelry

 Above - gorgeous juicy cherries in personalised boxes, ready for guests to take home. A great idea and a perfect accessory for a cherry red wedding. Image - via Intimate Weddings

 Above - the ideal favour for the wedding of a 'perfect pair'! I love the printed papers that wrap around them and the sweet swirly sign is a fab finishing touch. If you don't want to wrap the fruit, how about tying ribbon around instead? Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - who wouldn't want to come home with scones & strawberries? I just adore this little favour basket with scones (in cellophane to keep them extra fresh!) and the reddest fruit possible alongside. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - ok, ok, this apples might have a chocolate coating but still, surely they're still fruit?! Love these - the printed lolly sticks with the guest's names are a fab touch and these would be DIY-able. Lolly sticks and rub-on letters (often used for cardmaking or scrapbooking) would make something similar. Image - You & Your Wedding

 Above - ripe peaches just say 'summer' to me and these are sweet treats for a summer wedding favour. The guest's names have been written onto tags and attached to raffia which is then tied around the peach. So simple and they add a gorgeous colours to your tables. Image - via Flickr

 Above - beautifully blue punnets filled with various fruits make a fab favour display. It would be great if there were mini forks or picks available to allow people to nibble if they just can't resist! Image - via Intimate Weddings

Above - I seem unable to give you unadulterated apples and I do apologise but really, I'm not going to ignore a gorgeous image of a tasty toffee apple! These would be absolutely ideal for an autumn wedding and I love the wooden name tags, perfectly natural. Image - via Wedding Wire

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