Sunday, 3 April 2011

Delicious Details - Seating Cards + Badges

I have to say that there are many reasons why I love blogging about weddings - I love sharing ideas, passing on tips and advice and I then love being able to see what posts you're reading the most because then I know what to keep writing. And you, you lovely people, seem to like the pretty little details as much as I do so here's another post about delicious details - seating cards with badges.

I really like these quirky cards with their badge attachments. You can imagine guests wearing them with everyone as part of a very exclusive club wearing their badges of membership with pride. You can get badge making kits and a little bit of design work would provide you with a great range of style or there are plenty of 'how to' instructions on-line (check Martha Stewart's main website for craft tips)

So take a look at these ideas and wear your heart on your sleeve (or on your gorgeous gown!)...

Above - these seating cards are just fabulous. The card has the motif and number stamped on (you can buy stamps and inks at any craft shop) and the badge with the guest's name is pinned on above. How handy are the badges to get guests talking to people they don't know? Wedding networking! Image - Caroline Johnson via The Knot 

Above - such a simple but effective idea that would work with any colour scheme. Cards and badges of alternate colours are laid out for guests to take. If your best handwriting isn't up to the task, you could print the badge labels and then punch them out with a large craft punch and again, the numbers could be printed onto card sheets and guillotined to make the individual cards. Image - Martha Stewart 

Above - another simple (and simply fabulous) idea. Folded cards have the details printed on the front and the badges pinned at the top but of course, you could pin them wherever works for you! Image -  Oh So Beautiful

 Above - OK, so they're not strictly badges but these brooch seating cards are just fabulous - part seating card, part favour. I cam imagine these at a wedding where the bride is rocking a brooch bouquet.  Easy DIY too - print the name & details on the contrasting paper and cut out with a large punch. Glue onto the seating card itself and pin on the brooch. Stunning! Image - Q Weddings via The Knot

Above - I love how each badge here is personalised for the guest. Yes, it might take a while to do but frankly, if you can't think of something to write for each person, you've probably invited the wrong people! This is a really personal touch that will make the guests feel valued and that's the art of a good wedding. Image - via The 6 Chicks

Above - I had to include this because, as you might have gathered by now, red & aqua is one of my favourite palettes right now. I love the text book paper style cards and the 'i love chemistry' badges for the guests are inspired. Chemistry is a magical thing! Image - via Flickr

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