Monday, 4 April 2011

Delicious Details - Book Centrepieces

Unsurprisingly, I love books. I have way too many in my house and I have a particular soft spot for hardback books and vintage hardbacks in particular. I think they are just beautiful, works of art almost with exquisitely coloured covers and delicate pages full of beautiful text. So using books as decorations seems just a natural step and including 'different' items on tables creates interest, variety and a more personal and multi-facted look that is just an utterly heavenly combination.

Books can work with delicate or vibrant colour scheme, they can be wistful and whimsical or bold and brash. You can choose books with appropriate titles or  books that have personal meaning to you. You can choose how to use them in the same way you'd choose how to read them - find something that interests you and see where the story takes you...

Above - this is just beautiful to me - the green and pink delicate flowers and that pale blue book - wow. Such an elegant take on a country look. Image - via Pinterest

Above - Personally, I love some variation in the height of table decorations and if you're trying to create a relaxed and unstructured feel to the day then the more difference between the tables, the better. The stacks of books create a fabulous base for the floral decorations here. Image - Allan Zepeda

Above - proof that books can work wonderfully with bold colours and the purple and turquoise look here is totally fabulous. Love the bold coloured books and the drama of this table. Image - Erin McFarland

 Above - yum, just yum. The books are great, the tin can is a quirky addition, just waiting to be filled with flowers and the bird cut-outs are the ideal finishing touch. The books have obviously been chosen for their covers with the bold designs and the extra visual interest. Image - Lovely Union via The Knot

 Above - just look at this clever design. The books, all with blue covers of varying shades, have the cute addition of the table number, cut from a page of text. A perfect finishing touch. Image - via Brass Paper Clip

 Above - what a great tablescape this is - the books, the globe, everything comes together to create something that's definitely a talking point and would be a real reflection of a globe trotting, literary loving couple. Image - Boutique Events

 Above - and here books are working with this more opulent scheme. Choose deeper coloured covers with gilt and intricate patterns to blend with this more sophisticated table. Image - Inspired By This

Above - another book stack providing height to a table. Love the simple twine around the books, the off-centre vase of 'just picked' flowers and all of those mis-matched candle holders are great too. Image - Wedding Bee


  1. Thanks for the mention! Beautiful blog!
    Gloria and Lorella

  2. I love these book centrepieces! A writer and bookworm's dream!

  3. Thank you Sheniz for tweeting this! It's indeed a dream come true!