Sunday, 17 April 2011

Delicious Details - Jar Lanterns

There is something undeniably magical about candlelight - it's soft, it's romantic and it bathes everyone around in a gorgeous creamy glow. See, even writing about candlelight casts an atmosphere! So, candles are just perfect for weddings and they look even better when they're in lovely glass lantern holders that reflect the light and give it an even more dreamy quality.

But lanterns look best when there are lots of them - the odd one plonked around will have no effect, you want lots of them, you want abundance, you want it to look special, magical and slightly ethereal. So jar lanterns are brilliant - save up your glass jars (or hire them) and there you go. Long burning tealights are perfect and you can add ribbons, raffia or any other decorative flourish to put your personal stamp on your lovely lanterns.

So, here's some beautifully inspiring images - I hope they make you feel all warm and happy...

 Above - love these hanging jar lanterns. They're relatively easy to make and there are plenty of instructions on line but if you've got pliers, wire and some time, you should be able to make your own. I think the hanging ribbons are a great touch too - you can imagine them moving slowly in the evening breeze and they add an even softer touch to this set-up as well. Image - Oncewed

Above - proof that the abundant look really works. How simple is this styling and how effective is it? Really, just lots of jars of different sizes totally fill the centre of the tables and they look fabulous. Love the little placemarker jars at easy setting as well. Brilliant. Image - Square 17 

 Above - more gorgeous hanging lanterns with fabulous tissue paper and twine wraps for extra impact. This is an easy way to bring your wedding theme into the design. You could wrap the jars with ribbon, lace, doilies, coloured wool or twine... Image - via LoriCaroline

 Above - I really like these jars. The raffia is a great rustic touch and the candles floating in the water look great. I'd mix up the water levels though to stop everything from looking too uniform and to give a more visually interesting look. Those cute glass pebbles would weight the jars down nicely as well. Image - via Our Labor Of Love

 Above - such a great idea if you want non-hanging lanterns (or indeed, if you want to add more to your hanging lanterns!). I love the thought of filling the outside space at your reception with touches like this, especially if you'll be outside in the evening. How fab would it look if there were lots of there to welcome evening guests or to line the paths and driveways at the end of the evening when guests leave? Make their last memory of your wedding an absolutely beautiful one... Image - via Wedding Waterfall

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