Thursday, 7 April 2011

Delicious Details - Drinks Flags

You know full well without me telling you that it's all in the detail and quite often, the details that work the best and create the biggest bang aren't the huge things that cost a fortune but the little things that have cost pennies. Adding something that people don't often see, putting a personal stamp on the day and creating a talking point  are sure-fire crowd pleasers. All of which brings me rather neatly to drinks flags...

These are, in so very many ways, the ideal wedding detail. They're not complicated to make, they're so simple to use, they can add  splashes of colour and touches of fun, you can adapt them to suit your day and they're oh-so budget friendly yet oh-so effective.

So grab some paper, some scissors and get crafty then fly your drinks flags with pride...

 Above - the simplest designs can work wonderfully. Here, the message is simply printed onto paper which is cut to size and attached to the straw with a dab of glue. The little 'v' cut on the end of the flag is an essential finishing touch and this would work with any colour paper or font. Perfect. Image - Design Sponge

 Above - a little more complicated, these flags have ribbon toppers so tuck the ribbon into the flag wrap and glue around your drinks stirrers. They look great together in a jar for guests to help themselves or you could line them up in glasses where they can wait for their drinks to be added.  Image - Hey Babe Studio

 Above - another very simple idea here with a piece of ribbon just knotted around the little skewer. Love the shades of blue and green here and of course, the neat little 'v' cut finished the flag perfectly. You could use one colour ribbon to denote alcoholic and another colour to show the non-drinkers which drinks are for them. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - cute little flags! The patterned paper flag has a sticker added to it saying what's to be found in the glass - perfect if you're serving up a couple of different drinks. You could use any patterned paper or card for the main flag and print the drinks names onto little printer labels in any font you wish. Image - Nicole Hill Gerulat

 Above - fabulous bright flags! The patterned flags have the lettered circles stuck on and the finished flag is then attached to the plain lolly sticks. Print the letters you need onto coloured paper and then use a large circular punch (or indeed use any shape you like) to cut out the initials neatly and easily. Image - Phindy Studios

 Above - these elegant drinks flags are a perfect addition to this table. The simple message is delicately printed onto the small strips of paper which are wrapped around the straws. A simple way to add some 'extra special' to any drink. Image - The Savvy Event

 Above - a drinks flag that's 'spot on'. The love heart messages look great on the polka dot paper which is wrapped around the straw and secured with a dab of glue. You could use any combination of images to adapt this design to your theme but I have to say that this cute flag works for me! Image - via Flickr

 Above - such a gorgeous setting. Love the appropriately named signature cocktail in the fab glass dispenser and the glasses all lined up, just waiting for guests to help themselves. The little jar of pink drinks flags is the perfect finishing touch. Image - via Martha Stewart

Above - a great touch here, flags with the retro style instruction 'sip & repeat' printed on the centre. The shaped flags would be easy to cut with a large shaped paper punch and then use a lolly stick as the stirrer. Love this look. Image - via SD Wedding Insider


  1. Love hearts get my vote :)

  2. Good call, they are just so cute aren't they?