Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Delicious Details - Fragrant Herbs

Goodness me, another foodie related feature today - I am clearly more obsessed with all things edible than I thought! Anyway, today, we're looking at herbs and oh my, I love herbs for weddings. The delicious scents are wonderful - fresh and delicate or more strong and heady. Herbs work for bouquets, buttonholes, favours and other decorative details. They're relatively inexpensive, you can grow them yourself and as they don't need to be air-freighted, they're gorgeously green in more ways than one.

It's really easy to incorporate herbs into your day in other ways too - signature cocktails with basil or mint, desserts with lemon verbena, bridesmaids in sage green, herby canapes, lavender heads as confetti, the possibilities are endless...

So, if you've got some spare time this long Easter weekend, get yourself to your local garden centre and get inspired...

 Above - herb centrepieces don't have to be in rustic planters as these fab glasses prove. You could buy herb plants and re-pot them into glasses (or old jars) or grown from seed and re-pot when the baby plants are big enough. Just be sure to wipe all those gardener's fingerprints off the glass! Image - Andrew & Jessica

 Above - oooh, I would just love to carry this bouquet, the scent would be gorgeous. Speak to your florist about incorporating some herbs into your bouquet and see what suggestions they come up with, I bet you'll be surprised about the possibilities! Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - DIY buttonholes don't come any easier than this and you could put these together after a quick trip to the supermarket. Little bundles of herbs are just tied with raffia, string or ribbon and ta-da - you've made herb buttonholes, aren't you clever?! Image - Country Living

 Above - fabulous little seating card/favour combo here and I love the mis-matched varieties, looks very natural. Herb plants are potted into weather old terracotta pots (check out your local reclamation yard) and guest's names are written onto garden style sticks. A gorgeous idea especially if guests took their pots to their tables - added colour! Image - Intimate Weddings

 Above - now these favours are a little larger! Herb plants in natural hessian bags with tags attached wait, lined up on a table, for guests to take as they leave. The visual impact of a table like this is fab - it'd be a great way to brighten up a corner! Speak to your local independent nursery and they'd probably be able to grow you just what you want. Image - Nursery Men

 Above - such a beautiful place marker. The little bound bundle (complete with a sprig of lavender for extra colour) has the place card attached and I think this looks great stood up on the plate for a bit of height (loving that lavender purple napkin too - cute co-ordination!) Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - an alternative herby favour here as it's sea salt flavoured with rosemary. You can buy sea salt in bulk and just add the sprigs of rosemary into the jars. Seal & store somewhere dry. These jars have been further personalised by the addition of the monogram sticker. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - loving this napkin detail and how much would that fabulous scent have you anticipating your dinner?! The name card and ribbon are wrapped around the folded napkin and the herbs are just tucked in behind. Again, achievable after a simple shopping trip - perfect! Image - The Slightly Obsessive Bride

Above - ribbons, buttons, shiny containers and herbs - what a perfect combination for a centrepiece! Simple plastic pots of herbs are just popped in the large silver pots which are then decorated with the ribbon & button detail (how lovely!) Each table is named after the herb in the pot and these look great against fresh white linens. Image - via The Wedding Dish

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