Monday, 4 April 2011

Stunning Floral Inspiration From Emma Lappin Flowers

I. Love. This. Feature.

I so adore flowers and Emma Lappin is one of my absolute favourite florists. We've known each other for quite a few years now, have worked on weddings together, filmed for TV together and being in Emma's company is always a pleasure. She is creative, enthusiastic, so incredibly passionate about her work and I can't recommend her enough.

So, when Emma joined us at The Inspiration Day at The Vineyard last weekend, I spent far too long gazing at her beautiful floral creations and happily for me, the wonderful Claire from Brown Box Photography was on hand to organise a marvellous ad-hoc shoot so I can share these lovely floral designs with you.

Above - I adore this heart shaped wreath. Can you just imagine that on the doors to a church or ceremony room? Or suspended behind the top table or even hanging from a tree trunk as a backdrop to a beautiful outdoor photo 'studio' area? Fabulously versatile.

Above - hydrangeas do glam and this candelabra, dripping with jewels, is perfect for a sophisticated event.

Above - oooooh, just look at this. Such a natural and understated look that still has wow factor - now that's a tricky combination to pull of and yet Emma's done it perfectly.

Above - there would be quite a few different ways to hold this bouquet but this relaxed look works wonderfully for a bride who doesn't want to feel awkward or un-natural.

Above - another setting that just makes me ooooooh and ahhhhhhh - the delicate whites with a touch of zesty green plus the beautiful silvery containers adding some elegant sparkle, each reflecting the other arrangements.

Above - I am having a little love affair with cut glass at the moment so this set-up just makes me so happy. I love using other props in displays too for a more interesting and unexpected look so oh yes, this works for me.

Above - a little touch of something rustic is always going to work for me and ooooh, these muscari provide beautiful splashes of sunny sky blue with a beautiful texture.

Above - a favourite colour palette of mine, the pink tulips and the blue muscari just work perfect. But it's not just the colours, it's the rounder softer tulips with the pointed muscari, the different textures and tones just make this bouquet an absolute showstopper for me.

Above - more beautiful muscari with the beautiful cabinet prop. I would love to see this used to create a really gorgeous seating plan with floral accents or a clever way to display old family ones with frames popped in some of the compartments and flowers and/or candles in others. Unusual and beautiful.

Above - just look at the tones and texture in this bouquet and the to-die-for delicacy of the many layered petals. Oh my goodness, this is truly beautiful.

Above - really, there is nothing I can say here. Such an interesting bouquet, totally heavenly.

Above - love the ribbon here and that brooch accent is the perfect finishing touch.

To find out more about Emma Lappin and her amazing floral designs, visit her website - or follow her on Twitter where you can find her as @emmalappin
The fabulous images in this post are courtesy of Brown Box Photography. To find out more about Claire and her work, visit her website - or follow her on Twitter @brownboxphotos


  1. Love the muscari! I wished brides would use more of them though they are limited in supply.

  2. I'm with you, I adore muscari. I think the limited supply makes them even more special in one way but unappreciated in another!