Thursday, 7 April 2011

Re-Dressed... An Equestrian Post-Wedding Shoot

The trend for post-wedding shoots has hit big time and let's face it, what bride isn't going to jump at the chance to wear their gown again? But what makes one of these shoots really special is when it's not just running around on a beach for the sake of it but rather it's done to really reflect the couple and it's linked to their lives (so if you're beach lovers, feel free to roll in the dunes to your heart's content!).

So when Dorset Wedding Photographer - Courtenay Photographic Ltd sent me this great post wedding shoot, I rather fell in love with it. I'm so taken with they way the images have captured something that's so clearly part of their loves but the look is so different with the addition of that great gown.

Enjoy this shoot - the settings, the rather smouldering 'groom' and the bride, 're-dressed', riding across fields, it's got a hint of great novels come to life. Totally Bronte-esque and more than a little bit brilliant...

 Above - absolutely adore this image

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